ItWillAllBeOverSoon lyrics


It will all be over soon

And I'm always where the sun don't shine, the
Tears don't show, won't hurt me now 'cause
Heart's been broke, I hate myself, but
It won't show, I constantly lose all
My remorse, and it's ten for the wolf and
Three for the shepherd, and it's one for the sheep who
Led by your leopard, often gave his perception as a
Handle of weapon, took a bite of your apple, give me
All you can offer, now I'm trapped in a changing maze
Setting my soul ablaze, couldn't control the pacе
Where is this going, hey? Hеartless is recklessness, it's
Word of a pacifist to word of a masochist, I'm
Off of the map, My Lord, I spoke to a Baphomet, he
Said he would save me if I gave him one thing he needed
"What is this thing?", I pleaded; boy, it's the key to even, yeah

And as I spoke, my fangs were shown
Taken aback, he smiles and tells me
"What you crave will soon be yours
But what I crave is already mine"
Anima vestra
Anima vestra

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