Justina Valentine
Man’s World (Skit)
I can't even listen to music anymore, man
Music was a manly thing
It's for men, you had to be a man
Every time you heard some good hip hop
You grabbed your balls and said "Yeah, this manly sh*t!"
Now I'm hearing women crying and whining
Talk about their periods and menstrual
It's history, not herstory! Okay?
I don't need to hear a female doing all type of-
I don't wanna hear you
You know what I wanna hear?
I wanna hear dem knees squeakin' against the kitchen floor
Suckin' d**k, and makin' a sandwich at the same time
That's what I wanna hear
The hell, yeah everyone think, oh Hillary
Guess what? Hillary didn't win! B*t*h!
She didn't win! She lost!
You know why? 'Cause she emotional!
With rumors, and emails and sh*t
That's why she didn't win
And now we got Donald Dump
I don't care, he's still a man
A man!
I want manly music!
Not no "La-la-la-la"
Nothin' like that!
Album should come with a training bra, b*t*h!
I don't need that