Livin’ Loc’d
[Sticky Fingaz]
Yo man, F**K THAT man!
N***as be on some real bullsh*t
Yo I'll bust that n***a, get the f**k outta here
(Yo yo yo yo what the F**K is up?)
Yo what the f**k is up b*t*h?! Where the f**k you been at me?
Yo man word is bond n***as in here be frontin
N***as can't get off that ol' bullsh*t (beeeeitch)
Word up man, f**k that! Knahmsayin?
Yo I'm muh'f**kin Sticky, f**kin, Fingaz, knahmsayin?
F**k that! And this motherf**kin b*t*h Bo$$; and word is bond
I want you to tell these motherf**kers how we livin Bo$$

Broke as a God damn joke
Up in Detroit and once again I'm just a few.. short
Couple of hundred bucks so f**k the rent
My share of that sh*t got spent on some Newports
So yankin, many motherf**kers is my new.. sport
I'm ready to blast and kill for a rap deal
F**k the landlord and the gas bill, we don't give a f**k
We sick and sh*t of livin shabby
Waited until my cash got right then took a flight to Cali
Off into the night, me and Dee up into mo' hell
Got into some sh*t befo' we even reached the hotel (God damn!)
F**k the dumb sh*t, gotta get rich at the same time
Cause n***as steady throwin up they gang sign
No loot, no more palm trees, no more calm breeze
But it's cool deez b*t*hes bout to slang ki's
So on my hip goes a pager, (?) major
It's two bad behavior b*t*hes that got gangsta flavor
See a punk KILL A PUNK and then we mug 'em quick
Out to get paid, motherf**k this strugglin sh*t
Bullsh*t's nothin to a b*t*h with no emotions
(Tell 'em how the f**k you livin) I'm livin like loc'n

[Chorus: Sticky Fingaz]
Livin loc'd, livin livin loc'd (yo how the F**K we livin?)
Livin loc'd (B*T*H N***AZ GET SMOKED) (f**k dat!)
Livin loc'd, livin livin loc'd (we livin.. uh-huh)
Livin loc'd .. mother-f**kers!
Livin loc'd, livin livin loc'd (F**K! We livin)
Livin loc'd (B*T*H N***AZ GET SMOKED) (uh-huh!)
Livin loc'd, livin livin loc'd
Yeah and all the b*t*h-a** n***as can suck my d**k!
Buck buck! Then I let the trigger loose
Motherf**kers better duck, but it ain't no god damn duck duck goose
Haven't you heard of this murderous b*t*h, crawlin slow
And puttin lead to the, head of my foes on the down low
Cause all we got we f**kin tooken it
Got a double-bunk and now we roll, f**k footin it
Cruisin down the 'Shaw, smokin joints, cause we blaze weed
Down to the sellers spot, cluckers kickin in their Daisies 'n sh*t
Cause n***as'll never drop the dirt, do we're layin n***as on they back
Then actin like we never even f**kin knew ya
Unload the clip off in your chest, take a deep breath
God damn! What a motherf**kin bloody mess
Sleepin on benches, turned us into roguest b*t*hes
We jumpin fences from the feds through puddles and ditches
Goin out, don't give a f**k if I get smoked
Yo (shh..) at least I'm goin out loc'd

[Chorus: Sticky Fingaz]
Livin loc'd, livin livin loc'd (how we livin?)
Livin loc'd, livin livin loc'd (word up!)
Livin loc'd, livin livin loc'd (yo, how we livin?)
Livin loc'd, livin livin loc'd (f**k that!)
Livin loc'd, livin livin loc'd (We livin)
Livin loc'd (B*T*H N***AZ GET SMOKED)
Livin loc'd.. and for any b*t*h beefin then the Bo$$'ll have to put a
A** full of my FOOT for f**kin with the butchers
F**k next, steppin with gauge upon my hip, weapon
Nine double M's for the one-eighty-seven
Cause I'm nothin but a mag totin b*t*h, smokin fifty bags
Rollin n***as up like the MOTHERF**KIN zig zag!
Understand this b*t*h never check mine
Or catch two into your chest with the tec-9
Cause ever since the days, of way back
It never played to let the get go, rat-a-tat-tat-tat
I fill gats so how the f**k you figure n***a
Put you in kill range 'til you feel pain from the trigga n***a
When gangsta b*t*hes just can't cope
N***as are getttin smoked nine-trey and forever, livin life loc'd

[Sticky Fingaz]
It's the motherf**kin Bo$$!