[Verse: K-Rino]
I'm the indeterminate learner nocturnal block burnin' inferno
Permanent earner mercury alien language discerner
Digital surfer, the lyrical murder miracle server
The mystery un-earther, physical inertia reverser
Terrorist missions, hellish perilous weather conditions
My mental's infinite no instrument can measure the distance
Deeply egregious devious deeds I read to the ether
Seize you and bleed you with evil deadly weekly procedures
Words with a purpose come to birth and emerge at the surface
Clergy is nervous, cryogenically preserved all my verses
Pa**in' at pa**es the savage blast mashin' his gla**es
B*st*rds are cash trash bags ma** packages of cabbage
Vocally sickenin', I threatened him I hope that he listens
No he ain't missin' he just hangin' from a rope in my kitchen
K is the ruler, for 27 days I'ma school ya
Phrases go through ya, extremities I keep in a cooler
Many know how my loaded words semi blowed
Vocals grow when it 20 frozen flow embryos
Then they gently go in your ventricles
Where the empty bodes of intentional chemically loaded indigo
Your rapping's laughable, my actions are cla**ical
Picture me in Africa chasin' a ravenous pack of wolves
Serial killer scenes from here to the Philippines
Vivid dreams of vicious guillotine gorilla swings
In a room with atomic boom doom devices
Priceless 27 foot harpoons I write with
Consuming the light that's giving the Moon its brightness
Causin a lunar crysis cosmic unicyclist
Homicides what im mentally preoccupied with
Frightenin hybrid category 105 spit
Wreckin' effortless mesocephalin cyberneticist
Slippin peppermints of slick messages in your beverages
The incredulous pessimist the weaponless exorcist
Swellin' his neck with a infectious leprous ephelis
And I'm drawin life from it, meterorite comin'
Found me rummagin' around inside a parasites stomach
Poisonous paragraphs that'll probably have
Your body on a slab in a toxicology lab
You're obviously innocuous illogical and provocative
Droppin my topics and leavin the populace inoperative
My overnight solar light poltergeist
I throw the mic from shoulders height like rollin' dice and fold the planet over twice
Cold as ice, flow writin prototype
Who's open strikes are so precise I'm like a saber tooth tiger with a overbite
Flames I spit, lames angrily questioning the range of it
Indefinite pain came from intestinal entanglement
Feeble MCs grieve what I conceive is the evil is my reason
Like meat cleavers stuck deep in your trapezius
My writin' task crafted in mic cla**
My hands are so lightening fast I did a 7 second triple bypa**
Some place waited among greats made ya to pump breaks
As I angrily truncated your lung space
8 ton weights on my tongue base
Able to run states and be back in place by the end of my lunch break
An hour late statement in one take
Was skating on the Sun and showed up to my born day 2 months late
Pardon me recital amalgamated your life
I'll evaporate it and then eternally micro encapsulate it
My next mission wreck persistent resistance from existence
The pyro technician electrician
I'm mad but beneficent, bustin til my weapon bent
Loaded with the evidence, prevalent malevolence
The sheet gets so hard it erects infinite deep threats
Speak with no defects multi reflex