The Same Shit
Sh*t a trip mayn, ery'body want you to be all thef**k they want you to be
N***a need to understand man, this sh*t the same n***a
We doing sh*t what's best for us right now, know I'm saying
We can't be out here, living for everybody else
Gotta do you, that's just what that is man
We grind and bust our a** man, to eat ten plus
Know I'm saying, since a n***a was twelve years old
24 now, you do the math I'm proud of everything a n***a done

How the f**k they say I don't show up no mo', like I ain't the n***a that put that street sh*t back on
Motivation for n***as to grind, and get they pack on
Been struggling since a teen and I don't wanna back track, plus I love my mama's smile
Heavenly father watch over my days, and bless your child
Half the time I wanna do my best to try, do my best not to cry do my best not to lie
But do the time I did, my best to get by while life went by
I'm not so young no mo', barely grown but everything that I do count
I'm still the same but running with caution, cause I don't wanna get took out
1999 I started the life, of showing you all of my pain
Did it for what it was worth, but now these haters keep on calling my name
Already done showed me love, but since they don't gorillas be quick to click
Quick to draw the line on certain sh*t, these n***as unable to fix
So I'm alone, trying to get this scratch before I be kicking it up the way with Pat
Watching my hood go round and round, but some of this sh*t ain't coming back
I watch the game observed, everything I need to see
The world is what it is from here on back, how it use to be

I try to keep it copestetic, when it could be all to the G
I'm in the coupe hiding extra clips, banging "All Eyez on Me"
Cause I don't want these coward n***as, to try to ride on me
I dropped the back right and lift the left front, and then glide on three
And slide on by to my hide away, gotta keep watching my high today
The laws pulled up two deep, they tried to run doubles on my ride today
I put my pride to seat, cause I gotta stack my change
And keep these b*t*hes off my d**k, and get these roaches out of my range
Ain't gon mention no names, f**k around and make a n***a have to put six in your brain
Your body will drip to the drain, f**k with us feel it slip and stain
I keep on dipping corners, where the G's be at
When you get deep it's sick in the B your B's up, cause these n***as here will squeeze gats
52 unlimited B's, I'm shaking these fleas and grizzats
Ahead of the pizzack, me and my n***as stay strizzapped with a mizzack
Gotta get ride of the sizzack where the clips at, for five of the mishap
Anybody killers are back with a brand new hit sack, it's like that

Straight up I gotta be a G to the fact, these n***as don't know what's thorough
And the fact they love to play, is really what's keeping me off of payroll
I conversated with my cousin, for the first time in a while
Let him know sh*t just ain't that bad, my mind fell off in a zone to raise my child up
Still the same n***a though I'm drifting off, trying to stay at my best
Even if they get me hold your head, you gon be blessed I'm moving honest
I'ma continue to ride, through the life is making me out of a man
I gotta be strong and plant my feet above the sand, that's the plan
They told me Trae that sh*t ain't you, in fact me I probably would of been leaving
And plus I would of let off the shots, to try to make them n***as bleed
You tried to f**k over me and Jay'Ton, ain't feeling me taking it back
Right is right and wrong is wrong, but haters be taking me off of my track
And I ain't gon be no b*t*h, ready to get my city you can get swallowed
Plus these scary n***as pack some'ing, that's fully equipped with something hollow
Dream is gon be soon to follow, trying to make his daily rounds
But I'll be damned if I make the pit, cause A.B.N. won't let me down