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[Verse 1]
I'm nervous, so nervous
I overeat, I lack purpose
And I'm only scratching the surface (Ooh, hey)

And I'm not shelved 'cause sex sells
But how long 'til I'm canceled?
This is thirty, f**kin' thirty
I'm still here, I'm still dirty

[Verse 2]
I made it, I'm a flower
I don't sleep, I don't shower (Gross)
I masturbate twice every hour, haha (That's f**king disgusting)
And my band's sick 'cause my head's sick (Yeah, okay)
I get drunk and I'm reckless
Stalk my Twitter, stan my bullsh*t
This is thirty, something is wrong with me

Ah, ah, ah! (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
Yeah, he, he!

So raise up your glasses to going out of fashion
To acronyms, sex cams, and social distractions
'Cause everything's changing, and I don't know sh*t about sh*t
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