Fudge Pudge Freestyle
*Freestyle over 'Fudge Pudge' by Organized Konfusion

[Verse One] [Skillz]:
Here we go again with a funky intro
Design of a decade, get with the tempo
Keepin' it simple
And I don't need security, my whole band look like Kimbo
The Million Dollar Backpack kid is back
And I still embarra** ya a** on ya own track
Get stacks
In other words dummy get money
I take ya hands if ya take somethin' from me
Get scared
I'm gonna charge and go get it
And I got bars for whoever wanna spit it
The S.K.I. the double L. Z
Peace out to Po, Monch and O.C
I know
God damn I'm c*cky
I hear y'all flow, god damn y'all sloppy
You wouldn't pa** this quiz
You sub par jack, I guess it is what it is
Far from a star, I'm a lyrical wiz
A master like a pastor with the spiritual biz
You can't feel that? You can't feel sh*t
And I don't spit, I send words on field trips
Compare it, bare it, shootin' these lyrics
Take it to the spot, too hot for you to get near it
When the crew dropped, honey start movin' the rear
Little hoops in the ear now they doin' Shakira
Talk new Snoop?
I got the crew up in here
The Gucci boot sick, so what I'm doin' ain't fair
Y'all sick of doin' it?
Y'all doin' it where?
Y'all dudes fruit loops, we'll ruin your year
If you wanna root for somethin', root for this
Throw a hoodie on and some Tim boots with this
We put the haters on mute with this
And put 'em all in a ? like Snoop and Chris

[Verse Two] [Phonte]:
They sayin' "All hail the honorable
Phonte." The n***a that's standin' in front of you
So skip the small talk
You rap n***as is all talk, just like Donahue maine
I'm sure your boy's real proud of you maine
When the fists start flyin', you the one that bruise
Take one to the face, you're the one that ooze
You the one that choose to front hard when you know that you ain't
And now your team lookin' unenthused
While I'm doin' my thang with DJ Flash on the one and twos
In the club that n***as took they gun into
You walkin' out, they like, "Yeah n***a, run that too."
This is all real live, no special effects
Phonte, old school like Wrecks-N-Effects
Like Gang Starr Ex To The Next
Fudge Pudge, {censored} and me and Skillz we the best of the best

You dealin' with the pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure playa
I'll leave the party with a ma**ive amount of haters
Watchin', lurkin', lookin' all flat
Steady frontin' like they ain't stuck in the back
? peelin' off the stacks
And I ain't like you so I don't know what it's like to be wack
Keep losin' with the losers, I'mma get a winner
40 on 5, fill up and then spin off
Switch up the kicks, start another trend off
Exit the show, they say your boy went off
Oooooh and I like it
See, you don't gotta be a psychic
To see that I'mma give ya some more
Plus it sounds so crispy my arc on the boards
I'll tell ya now you'll never hate it
And I ain't gotta speak on all the models I dated
A lot of rappers, a lot of loose lips
Talkin' 'bout what you gon' do, you ain't gonna do sh*t