So Far So Good
Uh huh, yeah, uh, uh
Whoo! It's beautiful music baby
Huh, your boy Skillz, right
My man Com from the Chi
Kweli from the BK side
Hip Hop to the day that we die

So far so good with no endin in sight
Lookin back on all the places I done been with this mic
Let my teachers tell it, I was supposed to be a failure
Let me tell it, I was supposed to be on stage in Australia
Went from sittin on the curb with no gear to flaunt
To havin gifts with the words, I make 'em do what I want
And I'm a stay in the front, it's easy to the kid
Y'all always in the back like Jeezy adlibs
If you fail to prepare, you preparin to fail
And it's hard to see a heaven when you livin in hell
If you lookin at it different, you'll see a way out
How you gon' see money? You can't see your way off your couch
If opportunity comes, I'm a see what it's bout
You can see it in my swag, I done figured it out
If you see doubt, I'm thinkin that y'all better re-route
Cause I'm a walk these dogs till Mike Vick get out

[Hook: Skillz]
I'm thinkin I could take over the game, maybe I could
They sayin I should change and maybe I should
Baby girl I'd be with you if I could
But I'm taking over the world and it's so far so good
Uh, so far, uh, so good
Uh, so far, uh, so good
Uh, so far, uh, so good
Uh, so far so good!

We've come so far, there's so far to go
Vision of a mission, it seem impossible
Precision of a Chicago street apostle flow
Allowin me to go to places only God would know
Travel the land, witnessin the battles of man
Goin up stream with paddle in hand

So I could make enough to hit my uncle Steve if he asks for a grand
It's been a journey, as far as universal laws
I'm the attorney, had to learn me
Just to burn me up, holler to the world to turn me up
As the game change y'all, I let my words re-up
It was written on the walls that success is a process
No matter how hard I fall I know it is some progress
Notches of the ladder I climb, holdin a bottle of wine
So many paths to take, I'm followin mine
[Talib Kweli:]
Yeah, Talib Kweli stay in the zone, I'm leavin 'em in a phase
By now, I'm kinda used to leavin 'em so amazed
With my man Com-bred and Skillz, they know the ways
Call up Virginia Slim baby, I've come a long way from
Hoppin the train with Rubix and Phot?, now I'm
Hoppin the plane, I'm seasoned like o'bay
Purer than cocaine that's whiter than Colgate
My product harder than narcotics, I handled the whole way
Damn it I'm so straight, why you worry how my pocket looks?
Y'all just sound like y'all got pocket books, stop and look
As long as I rock it, Brooklyn is represented right
This is where the sun meet the high rise, it ain't no end in sight
I'm gonna end it right here, I'm a end the nightmares
That you have cause you sleepin and you actin type
Scared, I wake up like years, say my prayer like I should
And I've come so far cause I'm so good