Busta Rhymes Freestyle
[Record Scratch]

[Busta Rhymes]
"Yeah, yeah- Drukenstyle '99- Busta Rhymes- I smoke blunts though, but I
Get drunk with the Drunkenstyle '99 sh*t- Flipmode Squad, check it out."

Ayyo, extreme force of course- Time to floss
Straight to The Source- N***a, ya lost- Who be the boss?
Busta Rhymes, n***a, ya soft- Makin' ya cough
Turnin' ya a** off- Bounce to my loft, let me show off
More sh*t n***as can't f**k wit'- The raw hit
Split your dome quick- B*t*hes lust my ice bracelet
Quick, baby, recite it- Ya like it
*F**ked* you in the right place with my night stick
I be the S-500, V-8, drop suspension
Customized twenty inch rim, chip inside the fuel injection
Pay attention to this lesson before I mention
Experience the Flipmode lyrical apprehension
I'm in the zone, hang up the cell phone
Rock stupid ice- B*t*h started romancin' my stones
More style I've ever shown, holdin' my own
Don't let me catch you alone 'fore I hit you wit' the full blown!
Bust Rhymes like that, kick you in your back
Mothaf**ka, it's goin' down like that
Drunkenstyle '99 sh*t

(Whistle blowing)

Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo- Ayyo
Ayyo- Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo- Ayyo
Ayyo- Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo- Ayyo
Ayyo, Drunkenstyle '99

Ayyo, one million and one times
We floss, f**k wit' these b*t*hes wit' money on my mind
Rock coyote furs, displayin' Frank Mueller watches
Get in the waistline, the nozzle way down in my crotches
Open the jewelery boxes- Select ice wit' such a shine
Look at the sky, see little movin' color blotches
Supreme n***as, controllin' the scene n***as
Your crew funny-lookin' like Mr- Bean, n***a!
B*t*h slap a b*t*h n***a, fall on the ground
And you apply- We identified what your little b*t*h sound
Ehhh! Ehhh! N***as is cryin' like a faggot's a** beaten
We catch pics and wild wit' they money for the weekend
Raise the stakes, my n***a, f**k the contemplatin'
Who be regulatin' sh*t, we controllin' the situation
Take your paper and bounce, n***as ain't sayin' nothin'
Then I stop, stare in ya face and dare ya to say somethin'
Busta Rhymes, Flipmode Squad
Straight smokin' blunts consistantly
Drunkenstyle '99 sh*t, Flipmode Squad
Authentic street corner hip-hop, n***a
But the problem is Extinction Level Event sh*t
Bouncin' like satellites in orbit
Stay seein' all you funny-a** n***as at every-a** angle
Mothaf**ka, tryin' to move like you creepin' up on somethin'
Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo- Ayyo
Ayyo- Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo- Ayyo
Ayyo- Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo- Ayyo
Ayyo, Drunkenstyle '99
Ayyo- Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo- Ayyo
Ayyo- Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo- Ayyo
Ayyo- Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo- Ayyo
Ayyo, Drunkenstyle '99

[Mad Skillz on a telephone]
"Yo, this Mad Skillz, you-know-what-I'm-sayin'? When I ain't endin' out
End M.C.'s careers real quick, I'm checkin' out my man Drunken Master
You-know-what-I'm-sayin'? You know how we get down
And if you don't know we don't speak
So watch you favorite beacon freak when my sh*t hits the streets
I'm unslept on like p*ssy sheets
I got lines and rhymes that raise minds like Einstein out his sleep
F**k a heat- N***a, I'm MC squared
Rhyme style rare and I'll choke yo' a** like E in Hair
Not to be compared to you or that n***a over there
I'ma evacuate more rapid then a prison bomb scare- Aiiight?
Ya betta open up ya eyes and peep the real before I jump out this joint."