Y’all Don’t Wanna Do That
Uhh, uhh
Yeah, yeah
Uh-huh uh
Skillz, uhh
Yeah, uh
V-A, yeah
Yo, uhh, yeah

[Verse 1:]
Yo trust me you don't want none of me man
You wanna discuss that sh*t with your dog like the Son of Sam
If I, run out of hustles then I'm runnin a scam
Spit some hot sh*t to you that'll be numbin your man (uh-huh)
I know what y'all n***as thinkin now
"He was on TV with Missy, so how the f**k he underground?"
Uhh, I rep my state from coast to coast
Don't matter if I'm spittin with Nas or spittin with Mos
I'mma explain this sh*t to y'all geeks (talk to 'em)
I f**k with Timbaland cause Timbaland got beats!
And after "Ghostwriter" came out (uhh)
Y'all was b*t*hin and cryin, cause I ain't put the names out (uh-huh)
Y'all still thinkin I was frontin (mm-hmm)
And Puff cut a check, so I ain't have to say nothin (nah)
These rap cats is fakin
I'm jumpin in front of you and takin yours like a Secret Service agent

[Hook 2X: Skillz]
Y'all don't wanna do that (mm-mmm!)
Y'all don't wanna do that (uh-uhh!)
You don't really wanna do that (mm-mmm!)
Dog you don't wanna do that (uh-uhh!)

[Verse 2:]
Yo, you know what irks me even more? (What?)
Male groupies when you out on tour (f'real)
Man I thought I was gon' flip
Dude pa**ed the tape under the stall and I'm tryin to take a sh*t!
Man this drama gotta stop
Them the fools that you gotta watch (uh-huh)
Keep your tape, don't do me no favors
Cause when I tell you the truth, you gon' call me a hater (uh-huh)
And chicks I came up with (mm-hmm)
Be gettin mad cause they can't get hit (what?)
They be like, "That n***a Skillz ain't sh*t!"
Huh, but you just spent some bills to get Skillz's sh*t
Didn't you? "Mm-hmm" That's funny (mm-hmm)
These broads ain't stoppin my money (uh-uh!)
So if you manage to get close to me (uh-huh)
Think about what you gon' say boo, before approachin me
Cause see

[Verse 3:]
Yo, uhh
I rip mics 'til they torn (uh-huh)
When I walk, you'd think there's a strobe light on .. (yeah)
In cyphers I be straight up attackin
Cats be like, "You ripped that sh*t n***a!"
Calm down, I was practicin!
Man y'all gotta be kiddin (uh-huh)
I got yo' CD, I did a lot of skippin
Like when I see you, you gon' do a lot of b*t*hin
While I'm on stage spittin with a lot of n***as ad-libbin
Man y'all need to kill that
I'm from V-A n***a, where it's God damn real at
Tracks I peel at, and leak a few to the streets
So if you haters suckin yo' teeth then do it on beat, c'mon
(Tchk, tchk-tchk, tchk-tchk) I ain't new with the heat
I'm in the booth with the flu and still chewin the beat
I'm sonnin y'all like Father's Day; disrespect pop
And get popped like Marvin Gaye, cause see

[Hook] - 2X

Uhh, uhh, Skillz
Uhh, uhh, V-A
Yeah, c'mon {*beat fades*}