Tip of the Tongue
[Mad Skillz]
Uhh.. nine-five shizzot, in the hizzouse
Uh what n***a? Tch, uhh, uhh, uhh..

Watch my style rise like styes on your eyes
And battlin is hard, like retards becomin Jedi's
Watch the dread fry, submerge it from tripes
Born from a virgin, with a eye in her back
So where you at -- when I choose to chew through rhythms
Makin b*t*hes WOOF, like they had seven n***as with em
MC's is sleazy, plus they styles is easy
Fool take that sh*t to help son and give it to f**kin Wheezy
Or Helen, I'm crackin open MC's melons
Tonight aight yo, I'mma leave some microphones swellin
(Man I be flowin) Whatcha flow got to do with me?
Yo I'm wiser so be Pryor and act like you can't see
I'm the abyss so wack n***as take a dive
I'm over killer beats the average kids won't survive
You wanna battle? Come on and bring it on son
I got your whole family tree on the tip of my tongue

Chorus: Mad Skillz (repeat 4X)

Floatin lyrics, from the tip of my tongue
I swing (swing) I sway (sway) I swung (swung)

[Mad Skillz]
Check it
I flow with tight raps, n***as get a tight face
Att**ude's, like I parked in they handicapped space
But I wets it, wrecks it when I mic checks it
Givin girls my number backwards, tellin em I'm dyslexic
Don't front -- you know what type of sh*t I'm on
Rippin mics of all types, Verbal Master Sha-Kwan
You were warned about the Northside click
B*t*h, flex, and get your neck stretched like Dionne Warwick
Let me lick a shot for all my n***as in the streets
Gettin ill keepin it real doin what they gotta do to eat
Compete and get hit with dizzy techniques
The only crossin over I'm doin is a motherf**kin street
So listen, I get in where I fit in and word to God
I like beats hard like holdin your sh*t in, sit in
On the session watch your body get numb
A real MC keeps his skills on the tip of his tongue, what?

[Mad Skillz]
Verse, tre, who's tryin to leave in a hearse today?
See Skillz has skills since your great grandma'a first birthday
In the worst way, my styles be diesel
My crew ain't goin no-f**kin-where n***a we the Forever People
Gettin rid of, bullsh*t, when I bang ya
So MC's don't talk to me, just consider me a stranger
Take a toke I hope you don't choke
Cause if you ever see my sh*t it'll be through a kaleidoscope
Leavin marks to embark then gettin beat sparked
Floatin lyrics from the tip like an ark
I got rhymes to stand the test of time
I'm bound to climb, when I go one time for your mind
I'm fulfillin my purpose in life, pah (what is it?)
See I was put here so wack n***as, would know how wack they are
You know who you are your sh*t's saggin, word is bond
My sh*t's tighter than five virgins in a Volkswagen

Chorus 2X

Do you have any idea how tight, that, five virgins, well, f**k it..