Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know
[Intro - Skillz - talking] (*sample*)
(Don't act like you don't know)
'Dox ('ow), Karma ('ow), Ransum ('ow), Skillz ('ow)
Yeah ('ow), yeah ('ow), come on
(Don't act like you don't know)

(*"'ow" repeated throughout the song*)

I'm a be Big like Pac with a Notorious theme
+All Eyez On Me+, 'til it was "all a dream"
Who you are don't phase me, my sh*t still amaze me
My bars lit bars, man they cope me crazy
Cats can't phase me and most don't try kid (nope)
All you gon' see is the back of your eyelids (woo!)
Kill that he say, she say, still VA
But right now I'm with that +Philadelph' Freeway+
Get 'em Free

What we do and why we do it
It's young Philly and my rhymes the sickest, flow is the truest
Shine high-definition, better get with the movement
Got them haters outside, online with the pickets
Yeah, I'm on grind, online with the business
Ww.freeway, at last, I'm a cow for the cash
New +Disco Inferno+, on point with the burners
And blast!

Don't act like you don't know

You facin, the ball chasin, "Friday the 13th", tryin to face the fire (come on)
And these youngin's want to act like Michael on "The Wire" (uh)
'Til they realize Michael just an actor on "The Wire" (uh)
God damn Free, we done dropped another one (woo!)
I spit train wrecks, who tryin to stand in front of one? (come on)
Get chopped, get screwed, man these dudes better move
I wouldn't play cause

(You only knew)

We in the building! (early) (don't act like you don't know)
These n***as actin like (HEEEEEEEY!) (Haha)
Free get cash, whip a**
Ike Turner (yep!), whip whips through the city, nothin less than the S cla**
Yeah, I'm up in the best cla**, you can't last
Rumble In The Jungle, I'm Ali in Zaire
Mike Jackson, the +Man in the Mirror+
Y'all queers cause your man in the mirror won't blast! (uh uh)
Y'all busted, you all out of gas
While me and Skillz does it with a hustler's spirit
Come on

[Skillz] (Freeway)
Near it, build the track up and I tear it (uh)
God dammit, I'm like Sean Garrett with the lyrics
If you want it, you got to make it clear to me (come on)
Killer mean muggin, cause he ain't scarin me (nope)
We here, you see the dude starin Free?
He look thug? (Naw, he look like Ciara to me)
I promise, (he slow), yep, we get him and then we go
What he playin games for?

[Hook - Skillz] (Freeway) - w/ ad libs
Don't act like you don't ...
Free they gon' catch you? (No)
You let 'em stress you? (No)
If the cops come, you gon' let them arrest you? (No)
Why not?
(Cause I'm too damn sick when I spit)
(We can do this all night long)

(You gon' let 'em diss you?) No
(Can they out spit you?) No
(If they ever comin for you, will they get you?) No
(Why not?)

Cause I'm just that hot
So sick, we can do this all night long

He still heat droppin, he chief rocker
Number one, I've been doin this since n***as in the streets was beatboxin
Know he bobbin, he boxin
If he lose ain't sh*t but a bruise, next day keep boxin
I will CL Smooth, he Rock and, he knockin
When they reminisce over you, for my dear partners
Turn my music up loud, turn my TV low
Then I blow, then load my Tecmo Bowl cartridge

This ain't pop playboy, what you doin in here? (uh huh)
I came in when Run held that shoe up in the air (yep)
That's when groups wore suits, hit the stage prepared (yeah)
'Fore Snoop sat his a** in that electric chair
Yeah (uh), uh, I got the Roc in here
Make it stop (uh), make it rain (uh), make it drop in here
I can not be seen when it comes to the flow
Real talk yo (yo)

[Hook] - w/ ad libs

We in the building (early)
These n***as actin like (HEEEEEEEY!)

('ow, 'ow, 'ow, 'ow, 'ow, 'ow)
(Don't act like you don't know)
('ow, 'ow, 'ow ...)