The Sun
[Intro: Phonte]
Uh, it's another one, yeah, so gorgeous
I want everybody up in listening range to go to your radio
Go to your boombox, get your CD players, mp3 players, whatever
I want y'all to turn the system way up, talking way up
It's none of that bullsh*t about Hip Hop being dead, it's being reborn
It's about to be a rebirth, and it's rising right now, feel it

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I tell 'em...
When I'm write I'm enlightening myself
On the grind constantly for wealth
I got two little sisters dog that I'm tryna help
And a brother get adapted to the same world
For eight years locked down, held him captive
I got no time to be pa**ive

Pa**ed it on to me, Phonte, champion emcee
My level you can't be on, let's see
Who really tryna make some Hip Hop without changing it
Y'all just taking it back, we reclaiming it
Soul controlling, we ain't tryna reinvent the wheel
We just want to keep the sh*t rolling like this

[Hook: Phonte]
Just like they can't stop me from rhyming
They can't stop the sun from shining, can you feel it?
You'll never catch me reclining dog
I'm always grinding, something new about Hip Hop
I'm always finding, can you hear it?
...One time for the sunshine

[Nickelus F]
I'm the sun...
Basically the brightest star that these n***as ever seen
I shine for the hood, bring it back for my peeps
Clouds coming, y'all stay in the crib
I even shine on the rainy days, got the rainbow on my wrist
And y'all get the pot of gold when I spit
Now if I'm lucky charms, they must be yours
We duck bullets mayne and live to put it up in these songs
I'm tryna shine like the n***a I was planning to rob
Nah, nah y'all, I'm tripping mayne, I'm back on the job
Just tryna get hot tracks, Nick got crack
I got the smile for the game to bring Hip Hop back, c'mon
[Hook: Phonte]

[Hall of Fame]
Yeah, sunshine baby, yeah, yeah...
Now y'all don't do it like the Fame and 'nem
Southside n***a, talk a lil' game on 'em
Now what the deal Charlie?
(I bring the sun like I'm Charles Barkley)
(Get you high off the music like I'm toking on that Bob Marley)
Cheah, but they ain't on it probably, pardon me
I'mma keep telling 'em Hip Hop, the reason that we hot
We killing 'em, please stop, delirium
(When we pop it sizzles, streets hot, they fizzling)
Now we ain't talking like it's strange to us
But y'all n***as gotta know this ain't a game to us
(D-d-d-dangerous, highly flammable)
(Lyrical animals and ain't no taming us)

[Hook: Phonte]

Aiyyo, aiyyo...
It's a new light in this thing that we call Hip Hop
Even when it slows down, it still don't stop
And ain't nobody here claiming they changed the game
We just giving you an escape from the same old same
So you can get with this or you can get with that
But just know that that came from this
We insane with the gift and it ain't just rap
Man, we breathe Hip Hop, I'm just speaking the facts
No matter how you react, huh, respect this dude
His music changed my life and did the same for you
So when the clouds come through, have no fear
You can't always see the sun but it's always here
It's like this...
[Hook: Phonte]

[Outro: Phonte]
Can you feel it?
Can you hear it?
One time for the sunshine
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
One time for the sunshine