"Goat Head (EARTHGANG Remix)"

[Intro: Brittany Howard]
My heroes are black
My heroes are black

[Verse 1: Johnny Venus]
America the brutalizer
Takin' out her pain on us but who knows why?
Probably 'cause we fly
'Cause we can work magic with the wink of an eye
When I dance sparks fly, now watch me guide
Phenomenal minds, phenomenal kinds
The beautiful ones, a sign of the times
To laugh is a threat, to breathe is a crime
I'm born by a God, was forged in the fire
My career soars while black bodies hit the floor
I feel guilt, shame, I could always do some more
Are words enough? Does the storytelling lighten the burden up?
Marching and fist bumpin'
Generational fire, got the whole city burnin'
We will not be denied
You ain't get the memo that we ain't to be f**ked with
Fighters returned, defyin' the words of coroners
Statues will fall, ancestors watchin', enjoyin' us
Reset the balance, my tongue calice from school at Alice
Talkin' racist whack sh*t
Livin' in her Wonderland bubble, bubblin' up, damn (Damn)
You searchin' for the problems, shawty, that's it
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