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"PB & Henny"

All about the music, music, music, music. That’s it. OH MY GOD
I ain't even got a whip right now But I take a little time, 'bouta toot my horn
Gotta go and take it to the limit
Gotta give it to them and it's every minute when they do my song
Oh my God oh my God
Every other rapper like "he stole my job" when I'm living in the hills with a little bit of pills
I might even let these other rappers mow my lawn
Clap, Clap you can rap on beats
Clap, clap I snap on beats when I rap on claps to the rap sh*t clamped you ain't ever f*cking with me dog tampon week
Translation- Period
They wonder how the flow so furious
Its simple every jingle that I scribble like the middle of the one that I said I kill 'em and I bury it WOOH!

(hook) Take it away boys x2
Yeah! That’s what I'm talking bout

Coming gunnin' like a semi-automatic
You ain't even really ready Imma pick apart a pad and put a peanut butter jelly in her belly and a little bit of henny to the heady them I'm ready for the stew
D-O boys her feed the ego, feed off the beat like I eat the bistro
Wonder why they calling you a piece of meat ho, all you ever do is wine like Pinot Grigio
Hit the dojo just for kicks used to blow all my dojo just on kicks
Stupid motherf*cker used to bend backwards for the girls date night for a chance to hit. UH!
Little JZAC had no game
Little JZAC had no fame
Then the little boy blew like a gust of wind and all the foes turned fans without a doubt of shame

(C. Dot Castro)

Its on brother! Yeah, what's up? D.O.T. in this b*tch
Yeah, yeah
Uh, I've been gone with the dope for a minute, time to relapse never relax
I don’t need maps homie speak facts no free raps I should charge three stacks for the verse
But JZAC got the G task
f*ck an opinion f*ck ya feedback
I don’t need that you can suck a di*k in the middle of the street where the concrete at
With not even a motherf*ckin' pillow for ya kneecaps
Uh, I'm heartless b*tch ain't even dropped a tip but yeah, yeah somehow I done got you all convinced of my awesomeness to the point that if I hucked a spit, coughed and p*ssed, fart, barfed, and kissed up under it
You would think it was the hardest sh*t but never did I always put my heart in this
Shoutout to anybody wanna start some sh*t
No we don’t do driveby's which we park the whip
Uh. Only care about me I'm a narcissist give me your music imma leave it where the garbage is
Get your girl in between to bones like I'm cartilage
Uh, getting blown like, motherf*cking Nintendo cartridges
Cover up her face like a cosmetologist , even when I'm out of it I'm on in this
I'm gone

Coming gunnin' like a semi-automatic
For the verse but JZAC got G pack
Peanut butter henny them I'm ready for the school

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