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Why do feelings hit so hard at night?
When the sun goes down
Thinkin' 'bout you's my kryptonite
A little lost right now
And maybe I, maybe I didn't try
Try to work it out
Feelings always hit so hard at night

[Verse 1]
I think it's time I let these feelings free
'Cause all this love is slowly killing me
I wish somedays I was someone else
Not missing out and always missing sleep
I start to wonder if I'll die alone
Guess that's just the way my life has gone
Like, how could anybody love myself?
And that's something that I still—

Don't push me, I can't hold it
I can't hold it
I'm falling towards the ground
You shot me like a bullet, like a bullet
An all familiar sound, I've been so used to running away
Hate my truth; if I could, I'd change
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