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"Dead Roses"

I know in my mind that I'm in love with you
Please don't waste my time
Watering dead roses, dead roses, dead roses
Watering dead roses, dead roses, dead roses
Watering dead roses

[Verse 1]
When you say "oh" before "okay"
That's how I know there's more to say
Tell you I love you but get no reply
Something's been cold about your ways
And I just don't get it
Pick up your pieces then give me no credit
Show all your friends the praise I deserve
Guess that you're truly as fake as your edits
f**k it, I said it
Just 'cause we're talking don't mean we're communicating
That's the problem
Feelings like autumn
I keep falling like where is the bottom
And you just keep changin'
Not sure how all of this love is remainin'
If you know me best, my scarlet my red
Then why does it feel like i'm always explainin'
See I'm tired of fighting for once I want to be fought for
You're so invitin' every day i'm fighting feelings that I hold
I wonder what goes through your mind when they say my name to you
Is it the same for you?
I wonder
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