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"Don’t Change"

[Verse 1]
We overcame, changin' lanes
Colored lights, bright and yellow-blue
Show me the love, feelin' numb
Drugs are gone, I'm in two
You dreamed a little black, dreamed a little white
A splash of colored paint won't do
So we played the pain and took a walk away
And sewed our halves back in two
If I only knew, I could be superwoman to you
We coulda quit the pain, and sooner overcame
No purple rain for you

So don't you change
Don't (If I could tell you)
So don't you change (Change)
Oh, baby
Don't (Don't, if I could tell you)

[Verse 2]
You're so contagious
Like falling embers, you flew
Out into orbit, now I can't absorb it
The stars align, your eyes too
For all we couldn't know
The past, we should've grown
Kingdom and a throne, all jewels
But the cracks were paved, still all the hope remained
And purple rain came through
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