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Lil Wayne

"Pleage alegice to the swagg"

(verse1) lil bozo

n*ggas always hate but we know who the haters when it come down to us getting our papper them n*ggas need some one to save um but they the need the duful bag but if u anit wearing a red flag better run when i pull out that bag so when you see me say pleage alligece to the swagg pleage aligice to the swagg i pull up in a bentley with my time down in my city n*ggas in my hood still wear fity b*tch it is all about tru religion me and my n*gga 2 chainz on that type sh*t n*gga im hood rich yall n*ggas stay broke b*tch my n*gga lil wanye is a blood so stay with a blood when you see me but you better say pleage aligice to the swagg

(verse2) lil wanye

Ima say it one more time for my lil n*gga lil bozo we kill this for a living boyz dont now what the bussiness is ima blood b*tch you n*ggas still live with yall old folks b*tch im rich like yo old folks im bout my mulah got my teck9 in my cooler you boys dont wanna know how i wanna do ya

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