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Lil Wayne

"Ride With the Mack"

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
We are, Young Mula
And we run this b*tch

Roll with duct tape and ride with the Mack
Roll with duct tape and r-r-r-r-ride with the Mack
Roll with duct tape and ride with the Mack
Roll with duct tape and r-r-r-r-ride with the Mack

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Slide out the Ferrari, I came to wet up the party
And baby I can shoot like Robert Horry or Corey Maggette
Ready for the impossible, I'm colossal, fool
And y'all n*ggas just molecules
Don't know how to build a house but I got a box of tools
I'm talkin' 'bout that "pop pop, pap pap, bang bang, blocka boom
That is for Tune
The coupe I'm in say "va va voom", then it go pe'hune
n*gga I'm gone
I'll see you soon, on the moon
Put me in the dirt and watch me bloom
Put me in the jungle, bet I'm coming back with all the food
Put me in the streets and bet I'm coming back with money
Yeah, b*tch n*gga run it (3x)
I'm heavily blunted, me and my gun loaded
She ridin' with me 'til the muthaf*ckin' road end
Yeah, and it be like that
I don't got papers on that Glock
But I got papers on that Mack

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2: Raw Dizzy]

I ain't have a body on it, but don't nobody own it
So anybody can get it if anybody wants it
Homie, I'm not your homie
You f*ck around and end up wrapped up
In the trunk like a f*cking mummy
Phony, I'm far from phony
I'm only about my money
And I keep enough of work to feed a thousand junkies
I stay strapped cause I keep a couple thousand on me
And I know these little cronies that's plottin' on me
But I ain't never scared
I ain't never runnin'
I got my own back
I ain't never frontin'
And I'm forever thuggin'
I'm like a pair of somethin' (?)
No heart, I don't care for nothin'
And no sir, I ain't here for nothin'
Then I'm trying to bring it back like the record's jumpin'
I got my system pumpin'
And I'm riding with the Mack and the duct tape in case I gotta carry somethin'

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3: Mack Maine]

I got real f*cking blood flowing through my pulmonary veins
I play the kitchen, call me "Culinary Maine"
Y'all n*ggas b*tches, ya'll hustlin' on the scary train
While we move everything, from heroin to Mary Jane
But let me fall back, I know the Feds like rap
(There's an echo in the headphone)
That's how I know the mic tapped
When you don't brush your teeth
The only time you touch plaques
While we got too many on the wall
Yeah, it's like that
I got chicks that like me that don't like rap
Ask your girl who her favorite
I bet she say she like Mack
I tell a dark-skinned chick I'm allergic to chocolate
So if we eating use the plan and you can keep on walking
Hi Yellow Mamis, I don't eat red meat
I'm busy killing tracks
Yeah, this is a dead beat (rest in peace)
No child support
I pay with my heart, I kill it
I probably never be the best
But one of the realest


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