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Lil Wayne

"Roman’s Revenge Remix"

I ate your face off
You n*ggas sweet as pie like this is a bake off
I love Nicki's curves, swing at the baseball
I beat your brakes off
H-H-Hi, I'm Tune', salt in the wound
I'm up in this b*tch, pardon the goons
Throw dirt on the floor and get caught in the broom
I like a big wet pus*y with a fork and a spoon
I got money and the power
A woman in the shower
And she don't want nothin' but my johnson, Howard
Sour D's and a swisher sweet, sweet and sour
You scared? Go to church, say your prayers, read a Bible

Huh, I don't know what y'all on
Please, I go in like goin'
Drink drink in my hand with the world in the other
The uzi go brrrrrrr, stutter
Ha, life is a puzzle, jigsaw
All I do is win, my name should be Victor
Old-ass rappers, I'm still the sh*t, old-ass Pampers
Rah, rah, like a dungeon dragon
Foie gras, I hear you ducks is quackin'
I'm just pluckin' my ashes, I'ma puff it and pass it
I'm a f-ckin' assassin, you should jump in a casket

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