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Lil Wayne

"Runnin circles"

I'm runnin' circles around these n*ggas
I'm runnin' circles around these n*ggas
I'm runnin' circles around these n*ggas
I'm One two-eighty five around the squash n*ggas

These... monkey
He be in the circus
These n*ggas be jealous
These n*ggas worthless
You Mr. never get no pus*y you a virgin
I'm Mr. hit her and her friend I'm Mr. Posse
I'm not from Earth
I'm not an earthling
I try to hit her with your friend that n*gga nervous
He blew the lid we down to have six hndred thirty
Laws on my di*k one of your boy I woulda murked him
I'm a baller and my birthday
Is every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Thursday
If it's a Gucci show them b*tches come in early
I'm polo down looking like Huxtable Lane nerdy

I'm killin' these hoes
I ain't now too impressed nobody but my P.O
I like my b*tches rollin'
I like my weed rolled
And I got deep pockets and she got a deep throat
We watch out for police that be in street clothes
You n*ggas washed up like some f*ckin' clean clothes
My b*tch shootin' at you while I re-load
Sometimes I feel possesed hope I don't get repo'd
Lil Tunechi in this b*tch I'm with Gucci in this b*tch
Oozie extra clips skateboard kick flip
Runnin circles around these n*ggas til they dizzy
I f*ck a b*tch to that Drizzy
Eat that pus*y if it's pretty
Runnin cirlces around em three sixty Tunechi

Runnin circles, I'm smokin' purple
Cause I'm a boss and you a worker
You got suspenders on like Steve Urkel
And if you run up on me
I'll murk ya
Yeah I'll hurt ya, yeah l dirt ya
Don't mention your boys
Cause they'll dessert yea
Say she a dime, but she ain't worth it
Two six not even a burglar
But she's a burglar, went from a fat girl
I got the scrap, you better act girl
Just like you know me, they call me Gucci
I ball like Kobe
You know I'm shootin'

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