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Lil Wayne

"Wayne on Me"

I'm calling you daddy, daddy
Can you be my daddy, daddy?
I need a daddy, daddy
Would you be my daddy, daddy? (No ceilings)

Come and make it Wayne down on me

[Verse 1]
Wide receiver Weezy, throw the pus*y at me
The pus*y lips smiling, I make the pus*y happy
Take them panties off, the pus*y lookin' at me
I'm the pus*y monster, now get the pus*y ready
I like to kiss. She like to kiss
I deep stroke and make her bite her fist
The lights is on, the night is grown
We get it poppin' cause we know we can't when wifey home
California kush - strong as a Titan - is what I'm lightin' on
We get high as f*ck then we "Just Do It" put your Nikes on
Tattoos on her waist, she like the tattoos on my face
And if there's something she'd like to say
I let her say it on my microphone
She love my style...but that's expected
She coming back to you? The chances anorexic
I knew she had it in her, so I got it out her
She give me neck around the clock: I call it "round the Carter"
She rub my back, she say I'm tight
She cook, f*ck and clean
And still make her flight!
First-class pus*y, crystal glass pus*y
I get it wetter than bass pus*y

[Verse 2]
I likes it thick and red
Ralph Lauren spread
Lady in the streets, porn star in bed
She like to f*ckfight, so we spar in bed
She got that pink pus*y, I beat it orange/red
I f*ck American pie and I get foreign head
She sit down and ride like I'm a thoroughbred
She kiss mine, and I kiss hers back
If she's a bad b*tch
She deserve that
She send me pictures to my iPhone
Then I gotta clear em cause my girl be checking my phone
I'm in the Bentley with the mind blown
When I'm in that pus*y, honey, I'm home

You dun been good, but you can do better
I dun been wet, but I can get wetter
Come and make it Wayne down on me

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