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Lil Wayne


[Intro: Lil Wayne]
No ceilings
No ceilings
No ceilings
My ceiling drop, my ceiling drop

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Ayy, my milly rock, my milly pop (Bop!)
Them n*ggas ain't hot, they petty wap
Sippin' Barney, smokin' Baby Bop
She's performing on the table top
Steph Curry, boy, I'll take the shot (Bop-bop)
Then I'll pull off and wave goodbye
I'm ready for the war, I'm not afraid to die
My n*ggas wild like Omega Psi
My b*tches screamin' "Ooh-la-la"
I tell my demons "Kumbaya"
Them sticks go "Boo-ya-ka"
Make a n*gga say "Uhh na-na-na-na-na"
I got money on my mental
Got them n*ggas in my rear view
I'm a dog, I'm a dog
Rottweilin' on these Shih tzu's
Drop dollars on your temple
Pop collars like a pistol
Drive back and forth for codeine
Put some mileage on the rental
Money talks like Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno
I'm straight N.O., the U-N-O
Fast life, so uptempo
Ooh-wee, Presidential
In the Backwood, eating Mentos
Smoke that loud like crescendos
Rep the Mob like De Niro
f*cking like a nympho
Save her info like a hero
Write your name on a bullet
She wrote my name on her dildo
Smoking on that kill though
Got me happier than Gilmo'
I'm in chill mode, I'm in pill mode
I just f*cked your f*cking ear hole

[Interlude: Lil Wayne]
No ceilings, woah
No ceilings
Yeah, two
Yeah, two
Holler at them b*tches, Lucci Lou

[Verse 2: Lucci Lou]
Give a f*ck about you haters
More concerned with stacking paper
Smoking bog and sipping Lakers
Watch your girl 'cause I can take her
Drop the top, no ceilings
As I'm plottin' on millions
With my n*ggas in this b*tch
They like "f*ck it Lucci, get 'em"
I'm from that East side of New Orleans
Polo T's and Jordans
Where n*ggas dream to push foreigns
And all the hoes want ballers
I got the cheapest price on pearly white
If you need it, n*gga, just call us
Long as you talking them dollars
I got it, n*gga, just holler
Still no job – b*tch, I ain't hurtin'
Put a ho on the stroll and told her "Get to workin'"
She dropped a Xanny in his drink, the Rolly in her purse
Then brought it back to Daddy, man I swear this pimpin' work
I pop the clutch and hit the gas, I love the way it skrrt
She popped a bean and poppin' ass, can't keep it in her skirt
I beat it up, she eat it up, no feelings
It's Lucci Lou and Tunechi, n*gga, no ceilings

[Verse 3: Turk]
No ceilings, bih, like an astronaut
Turk and Wayne back at it, n*gga, we ain't gon' stop
Thuggin' n*gga, it's thug life, 2Pac
My youngin with me, they stay strapped with two Glocks
I'm Molly turnt, but so uptown, throwing threes up like slime
pus*y n*gga keep hating on me, keep hating, I ain't got time
Too busy chasing this paper, got money on my mind
f*ck you and your favors, know you seen my grind
I kicked the habit, never thought I could
That sh*t had me since fourteen
I was shooting up, n*gga, on tour, f*cking up my dreams
f*cking off my green, f*cking off with these hoes
Could've died over a million times, I swear only God knows
Now I'm back n*gga, like a hungry dog at the doorstep, let's eat
Tell you pus*y n*ggas that slept on me
"Hope you b*tches die in your sleep"
Free my brother BG
I'ma scream the sh*t til he hit the streets
Til my brother Ralo RIP, I got that n*gga
That's YNT

[Outro: Turk]
No ceilings, yeah, n*gga, n*gga
No ceilings, yeah, f*ck with me it be a killin'
Yeah, Young Turk, n*gga
I'm Mister YNT, n*gga

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