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Lil Wayne


[Intro: Lil Wayne]
(808 Mafia)
Face ass
No Ceilings, hah!
No Ceilings
Yeah, no
(Got 'em)

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
I'm standin' at a table full of choppas, n*gga
I'm sippin' on the maple, Aunt Jemima, n*gga
And trust me, n*gga, you don't want no drama, n*gga
Cause I swear we all nuts, John Bobbitt, n*gga, woah
If you ain't got no skaters you ain't poppin', n*gga
If you ain't got no skaters you ain't poppin', n*gga
If you ain't got no skaters you ain't gnarly, n*gga
Yeah you see us, we just skatin', you just fallin', n*gga, woah

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
She tryna put this money in her stocking
She kinda thick as f*ck and got some knockers, woah
My n*ggas really Blood, and you just spotting whoa
We all over the bread like a Sloppy Joe
And when I'm in the pus*y I'm a boss, knock her off
My enemy don't cross the line I draw, respect my art
Man I swear to God, these pussies soft like a moth
Weezy baby, diaper off, different cloth, different thoughts
Sippin' syrup like it's broth, life is short
Tart, f*ck his b*tch, whip his kids, drive his car
I'm grindin', tryna stack a hundred commas
Just popped a combo, I ain't talkin' bout McDonald's, woah

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
I'm standin' at a table full of choppas
I'm standin' in the Maybach cause it's topless
I'm standin' at a table full of options
Different b*tches, different flavors, different toppings
And we ain't got no traitors in our posse
And really I'm just wavy and I'm saucy
And really I'm amazing and I'm awesome
My whole squad lit, n*gga, arson
If you ain't got no skaters you ain't gnarly n*gga
If you ain't been to Vegas, you ain't party n*gga
Shout out to Lil Capito and Marley n*gga
I've been f*ckin' with them since Atari, n*gga
And me, I'm a lil 504 New Orleans n*gga
I be in 305 though like a Marlin, n*gga
And Hoody, he from Texas, b*tches boppin', mane
And since I met him, I ain't ran out of drank, whoa!

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
When we leave H-Town, it's in a fish tank
Glass house Chevrolet, you can see everything
Bad b*tches with cocaine nose rings
Give it up to real n*ggas and expose lames
Cold game, got me in the Mulsanne
Killin' these streets, audio drug slang
If you don't collect Ferraris, you ain't poppin' n*gga
You could learn Italian in my driveway, b*tches
If it ain't OG I ain't coppin'
Don't smoke, we just throw it in the garbage
Them n*ggas ain't tough, they just talkin'
Outchea after dark, them n*ggas targets
Horror movie writer, I be with the monstas
Trill surround us, you might not make it out 'em
Phone calls in the morning say they found him
Whole hood wanna see what y'all gon' do about it
Rolled up on the front porch at my grandma's house
Watchin' Blood Sport through the screen door
What you know about gunshots? Ever seen war?
I've really seen more than I talk 'bout, n*gga
Stuntin' on streets you're scared to drive down
Our town, children be firin' live rounds
Hug the ground cause the sh*t gettin' serious
f*ck around, get killed unintentional
While I'm outchea eatin', n*gga, Whole Foods
Rollin' up straight gas, fresh produce
I'm the guy that you go to, criminal smooth
Digital moves, triple the loot
Hopped on the phone, called the lot, "Gimme the coupe"
I thought of Tune, called back, told him, "Give me two"
That's what I do
If you ain't got no Daytons you ain't poppin', n*gga
One time for my lowriders hoppin', n*gga

[Outro: Curren$y]
Yeah, eah, eah
Nah, nah nah, nah

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