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Lil Wayne


[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Back then, I did my one two thing
I sculpted, created who you got here now
The dude I told you about earlier, Me
I go hard in the paint with this rap sh*t
Real hard, I take it real seriously
I take every single thing I do
Every word, every letter, every sentence
Every phrase, every quote, every chorus
Every verse, every bridge, every intro, every outro, personally
If you a fan of me, then know that you get the full me

[Verse: JPlatinum]
I swear these n*ggas always f*cking talkin'
Told homie better keep it walkin'
And he talking like he selling at the f*cking auction
Gave him a warning and he ain't stoppin'
When it come to plat I swear it come with all precaution
Yeah n*ggas pass words I ain't talkin' logins
My guns got a longhorn and I ain't talkin' Austin
And while you sleep I'll shoot you in yo f*cking noggin'
Yeah, now they team taking all the losses
Yeah, I'm the boss of yalls boss's bosses
They say that I'm Robin but call me Platzus Hood
Smoke a n*gga like a muthaf*ckin' backwood
On this music sh*t I swear that I'm dedicated
Smoke a moonrock, and get medicated
Ya whole squad fake like titties they get inflated
Okay, this the muthaf*ckin' platication
Yeah, this the muthaf*ckin' platication
Call 9-1-1 and tell em bring the firestation woo
I'm the teacher you get educated
Get up out of school go to Japan and take a vacation
Cookin' in the kitchen yeah I'm Platty Crocker
Ya team garbage I'll rearrange ya whole roster
Imaginary friends I'm in a home of fosters
My tape breaking A/C's and its gettin' hotter
What a time to be alive to be a f*ckin monster
In the purple rain man I'm smoking on the cilantro
Eatin' good chef Platzus with the lasagna
Bullets burn your chest like you drinkin' on Ciroc vodka
Where yo ass was at when I ain't have no commas?
Where yo ass was at when I only had 5 dollars?
I been in office 9 years longer than Obama
I know that I'ma be bigger than Madonna

Yeah, lets get it, yeah PLATICATION!

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