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Lil Wayne

"Rapcity "I Get High" (freestyle)"

[Intro: Big Tigger]
Let me run it down, so that you've heard the word
The new album 500 degreez, on July 23rd
Big Tigger, my man Weezy We
We flow like the breeze, 500 Degreez
Told you the title before
Big Tigger back, with some of the uncut roll
Puttin it down for show, Hey!
I might be in the range rover, rolling down the thang
In New Orleans, headin' down to Eastover

[Verse: Lil Wayne]
I move through your place, wavin' the 4 at chest-plates
Eyes lower than my test grades
But my flow so grammatically superb like my essays
I get them birds from them esse's
I'm screaming squad till my death day
And my jersey's a decade
Away from today i'm a mess babe
And I know you want the best babe
I've been better than the rest since Abe
And since I did put them spreewells on a Bentley
I sense hate, but if it doesn't make dollars, then it don't make cents, Get Away!
I'm here today and gone tomorrow
I live for today cuz' I can be gone tomorrow
I live what I say cuz' I can be shown tomorrow
I live what I said cuz' I can be gone tomorrow
I did it this way, but I could be cloned tomorrow
So therefore, I ball like there is no tomorrow
I'm small, light, but all my flow is hard
And all night we tight, so you know we squad
Them cars tight
Some boys dark, some boys bright
But no boys talk, all boys fight!
Yea, and no boys sober all boys spiked
Y'all can't talk to us, get away y'all boys might
Them squad boys come, y'all broads hype
If they ain't jumpin' on the (uhh)
Y'all boys might!
Man, I mean come on I got the Sean John nice
My broads all white, Birdman!
(Brrrr) baby, out

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