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Lil Wayne

"Lean Back"

Young Money in this motherf*cker

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
There is no peace
I ride 'till there is no wheels
Till there is no streets
Like where is my piece
They dying in them cells or already dead
Or tryna kill themselves
I rep my n*ggas, I love my city
I feel myself and she feel my wealth
So it will not help, I gotta get me
And money like pus*y and I gotta get deep
So I gotta get street cause it's riding on me
My n*ggas can't drive, I got riders with me
And nah I ain't into that back and forth chit chat
As a matter fact I'mma end that
Prone to destruction, home is corrupted
Stones in my dungies won't do the justice
Them hundred dollar homes is in abundance
Hustle on a mountain, hustle in a tundra
Get that money or don't function
Punctuation exclamation exclamation period
That's the way I have to make it
S to K, you better take it, idiots period
Bullsh*t, I pity it
Them guns shot so loud you would think I MIDI'd it
I shot more than once, I'm ab-libing it
Oh well you been in hell so what, I live in it
I'm giving it all I got for them incentives
Riding for them benefits and now it's back to 10 a brick
I like 'em thin and thick
Really I like 'em thick, high yellow and sh*t
Weezy F Baby

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Hot Spitta, n*gga, flow so sick
Sidekick talkin' to my older b*tch
I had to leave her, 'cause she was too controlling and sh*t
I'm like "you can't have me, I'm too young for you b*tch"
They got these n*ggas in the street tryna [?]
That's cool, bring it, I got guns for you son
I'm talkin' about 17 other Glocks with the beam
Homie, I guarantee that I don't miss
Hot Spitta ride slow
Two burners on the seat
Cops can't get addicted to my grind
b*tches stop riches, mami I ain't got time
Respect a n*gga mind, b*tch I'm tryna get my cake
They hatin' on me, they don't wanna see me get my shine
Gon' make me whack one of them n*ggas 'cause they fake
745 and I ride for that Uh
'Cause what I hustle for, these n*ggas try to take
But before they run up on me I'ma put it on his mind
Then they gon' find his body floatin' in a lake
I'm tryna figure out with [?]
These n*ggas mistake my kindness for weakness
Ain't nobody sweet b*tch
Young money YM that street sh*t
Nothin' but heat slick
Rockin' you to sleep quick
Don't f*ck around with the dudes
'Cause I ride around with them tools
And I bring the drama to crews
You know I keep sick, yeah!

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