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Lil Wayne

"Murder This sh*t"

Ladies and gentlemen - I'mma murder this sh*t!
n*ggas and b*tches - I'mma murder this sh*t!
Pimps and hoes - I'mma murder this sh*t!
Killers and hustlers - I'mma murder this sh*t!
Gangstas and thugs - I'mma murder this sh*t!
Kids and (???) you about to witness sumthin' more amazing than life f*ckA!
Weezy Baby

I give you muhf*ckas my soul
I'm sick with this sh*t, let me giva ya'll muhf*ckas my cold
Let me get ya muhf*ckas my role, roll up in tha Royce
Stroll out and get my money from hoes, and they never sayin no
If so, you hit that same hoe, catchin' a buncha blows sayin;
Noo! daddy I don't want it no mo! And daddy I don't want it if ain't no dro!
I know thats right!
You see how my teeths glow - you know that's ice!
I 40-comma-three-zero that price
And I keep the heata right below tha Gucci G buckle
Tooley make ya crew-ly G's buckle!
f*ck ya dog! f*ck ya gun!
Somebody need ta get me muscle, the boy is wretched, avoid my presence
And in this game - I move it like I'm Shaq in tha paint
It's hard to check 'em they all respect 'em!
Money, cars infected me - so now I gotta ball even if it takes all thats left of me
And all thats right, I mean, is my SQAD Guerilla team
Young Killas all with scrilla dreams!
And you don't wanna wake us up on the wrong side of the bed
Slide lead to the wrong side of ya head!
Shoulda went with ya right mind
Riders come out at night time, pipe line a hollow to ya wife's spine!
I'm like Shyne - I'm bussin'for my n*gga!
And I'm taking the charge like I LIKE time!
And just make sure my daughter like fine
I'm sorry I can't be the father that yo mami want girl, I'm on a tight grind!
Despite crime - my pad was tough - I had to scuff - was too cute to work in a check-out line
So I sat at home - baggin up - but as soon as they got they checks they came to check out mine
And I was workin the check-out line, I was twerkin from chickens to dimes, n*gga WAAA!
Nines with long necks to protect our shine, lotta cheese and good trees to connect our minds
Since the pus*y ass Feds *b*tches!*, just love to detect our kind
I like my paint a lil' wetter, my rims a lil' wider, my seats a lil' ostrich
My floors a lil' foxish - I'M FOCUSED!
But my b*tch done got snobbish - I'M FOCUSED!
CMB re-polished - swished a few n*ggas, flipped a few n*ggas
sh*t I might miss a few n*ggas, forget a few n*ggas, I don't hear from you n*ggas!
But ya n*ggas still here fo you n*ggas, I kill fo you n*ggas
I am mo' real than you n*ggas - it's my court, this is Wimbledon n*gga!
Put my ten up to the temple of n*ggas - disfigure a n*gga!
You don't want to go at the flo' - cause I jigga a n*gga - sit down clown!
The best thing that happened to New Orleans since the oil-spill Downtown!
I got my rounds with me, I got some rounds with me
I got my pound with me, I got a pound in me!
I ride around in Bentleys - windows up!
I play a satelite - put them Playstations and them Nintendos UP!
You tryna cop it 'n sh*t, you get yo pencil stuck
There's a drop of real life in every sentence, son!
And I'm a menace when it comes to my (???)
You talkin' pennies when it comes to my tennis
And the sinista-chemistry-penitentiary-mentally-fo-the-enemy
We finna be straight I got the remedy, see my footsteps and think it's ten of me
Listen to me speak, my sh*t hits so close to home, you gon think you killin me!
And they callin me lil' Wizzle Wee
No it's Weezy BABY!
Little me...

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