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Lil Wayne

"Miami Freestyle"

I know these girls names...
Hold up, hold up
Hold up, hold up, yeaah hold up (?)

Let me tell you about maria, she let me high, Aalyah
Thank God I ain't blind, I f*ck her every time I see her
Smoke a blunt and f*ck Aalyah, i don't know, i miss my coke
And get a beer from Sophia, You probably in that area
I know a b*tch named Dominique, She live here by the beach
Her pus*y get wet when you kiss her on the cheek
Used to f*ck her every week, but now We don't speak
Cause I f*ck her best friend, Angelina, she got a face
Like a Appleonia, her body like a lollipop
She rode me like a Horse


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