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Lil Wayne

"Moment of Clarity Freestyle"

[Verse 1 : Lil Wayne]

Fix, n*gga

Change mind sporadically, same time compatibly
Wayne Carter, graduate, bang bang academy
Change my reality, thank God for grabbin' me
Sort of like him, cause they can't stop the wrath of me
But, Hell have no fury, Neither I
I would walk up in the Devil's Kitchen, eat a pie
Greedy eye, never full, getting fat
And b*tch I got an itch, so don't let me catch you with the scra-scra-
Scratch y'all n*ggas off the face of the Earth
Even Mase came back for the money outta church
So with that on my mission for that money, I'mma work
My divine intervention might be in that woman's purse
Tryna find a better system, but I'm running out of perks
Baby daughter tummy irks, then daddy heart hurts
So daddy pop at 'em until they heart burst
For my baby girl candy I make her starburst
9/11 was a f*cking shame, I done saw worse like
What if that bullet would have hit my heart first
Life, would it be different, I be still f*ckin' 'round with death
Cause I got shot after that, and after that I grab the empty case
And then tried to throw that b*tch back at they faces, Cita I made it
My n*gga Real was on the ground like "naw", I got up and looked around, and grabbed the spot like "ahhh..."
I"m hard to kill, hardy har, cut the music back up and keep the party goin'
f*ck 'em, and I don't need no crease, I'm a motherf*cking gangster off Eagle Street
I don't need the Hot Boys, I still keep my heat
And I ain't gotta squad up, I still keep my feet
They call me Michelangelo, you paint them so street
But you remove that wallpaper, bet that sheet-rock weak, (haha)
And you and I know what's goin' on, you probably riding to a different song
I'm probably riding on some different chrome, I'm probably high in a different zone
But when I'm off, we can get it on
I take no days off catch that sh*t for my friend
I clock out when I punch in, I'm shootin
Reel you ain't gotta block out, it's goin' in 'em
Them rats stop hatin' on the snake, the boy venom
The cat like Payton for the Lakers gon' win 'em
I'm certified stamp, I'm a champion
Like Buju Banton, I shoot you nine times like you was Fifty
But you won't be as likely as Fifty, I light me some Piffy
Light hella bright on the Infi, like what n*gga, like me or lift me
I don't duck I be right in the city, for them bucks
I take me a flight, and come and get right, right in ya city
Yup, I'm just like Diddy, and nothing like Puff yeah
I'm something like city, he something like Young Wizzy
My Nike's is spiffy, I'm hardly a Gotti
I'm slightly a Nitti, all of a Carter
b*tch n*ggas never b*tch me, bum n*ggas never ditch me
sh*t I gotta get me, man I'm raw, slip me
Thank God for granting me this moment of clarity, this moment of honesty
Ain't no more squad in me, unh

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