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Lil Wayne

"Put My Money"

[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
I all nighted, I every dayed it
And when it comes to my dues, I over payed it
Rated hood b*tch, b*tch I'm hood b*tch
I ain't an as*h*le, but I'm on some hood sh*t
I wish I would switch, I don't know how
Blood gang sworm like a red ant pile
Mean mug, like I can't smile
Like my grill didn't cost me a 100 thou

Put my money, money where my mouth is

[Verse 2 - Jay-Z]
Naw, I don't f*ck around, stay on my J.O.-
Hov' been about that dough since I was a day old
Oh, push perico if I need to for the Root of Evil
Was born in the belly: that's the way the streets breed you
One life to live - notice you get no sequel
So I truly got to live this like my last movie
6 oohie, jewels dripping, big tooly
I ball for real: y'all n*ggas is Sam Bowie
And with the third pick, I made the earth sick
M.J., him Jay, fade-away, perfect
I rhyme sicker than every rhyme-spitter
Every crime-n*gga that rhyme or touch a mic
Because my mind's quicker
I'm a '88er, 9-6 to "Reasonable Doubt"
Temper short; don't take much to squeeze you out
Yeah you shining, but the only thing you're leaving out
You're a candle in the sun - that sh*t don't even out

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