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Lil Wayne

"Money Or Graveyard"

So give me money or give me the graveyard

Gudda Gudda
Young gudda money bags hot like hell b*tch
I look like paper got a new money smell b*tch
Pockets full of Luciana my plug Mexicana so I push keys like a brand new piana
Young money the safe like a bank volt my old school wet you should how much the paint cost
Its m.o.e n*gga money over everything mutha f*ck life sh*t this paper is what im cherishin
Im so sincere like belly you haten I can tell it cuz you broke like the levey
Im smoking like the chevy exhaust pipe I horse pipe your girl an get back to the filthy
Got cheese like the deli a lot of mozzarella a soon to be legend thank makaveli
And like Kanyeezy its nothing you can tell me n*gga plus I never sleep theres not a dream you can sell me

So give me money or give me the graveyard

Gudda Gudda
Im the money man money money in the duffle bag
I don’t play the cards life deals so I shuffle them
Grind hard scuffle an fight for my spot with my muscle an bench press the shotgun im pumpin it
We gonna get us or we gonna take theres with a nickle plated nina with a trigger cold hand
Play with that paper you’ll be in a wheel chair I knock them wheels off n*gga you gonna need a spare
Yeah im goin off like the lights ain't paid cut your mutha f*ckin lights out any day
Best believe me I need me got three c`s so im tryin sell a milli quick like C 3
Yeah im high definition TV you gonna need glasses better yet 3D Ha bet you mutha f*cka`s see me its hard to get paper but I make it look easy


Lil Wayne
Uh ohhh
Uh ohhhh
So give me money or give me the graveyard

Well look at the time, I am the alarm clock
Hurricane Wayne they like when will that storm stop
Boy I'm Optimus Prime, and sh*t on all you robots And what-not, I come around yo buhh-lock like bllllll-atttt
I rrrrock a n*gga like Aerosmith, I'm arrogant Like f*ck you, pay me, every cent
Its very simple, I don't know poor no more I keep a bunch of toys and ho ho ho
Ya know ya got money when a ho dont act funny
b*tch, I don't know you all I know is that money
Yeah I'm gettin' to the paper, im sippin' on that maple My chopper has no manners cause its sittin' on the table
Don't you know my n*gga Gudda f*ckin' kidnap kids
f*ck 'em in the ass, and throw 'em over the bridge
Thats how it is, my sh*t is layed out And you get layed out, if I dont get paid out Ya dig

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