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Lil Wayne

"Tunechi’s Back"

Man, f*ck these n*ggas

Tunechi's back, Tunechi’s back
That's all these b*tches screaming
That Tunechi’s back
All eyes on me, n*gga, picture, I’m rolling
Strapped up with that Mac, masked up like a goalie
Man, my b*tch on that coke, she snorted four and a baby
Now the b*tch owe me; she sell that pus*y and pay me
They saying "Tunechi’s back! Tunechi’s back!"
And I brought them twins with me, n*gga, Click and Clack
Let's go

Out on bail, work on the scale
Put some change on your head, boy, you on sale
Yeah I'll see you in hell, pop-pop, get well
Make breakfast
'Cause I got you walking on egg shells
Xan with that lean
I ain't a begging motherf*cker, but, n*gga, please!
And I aim this motherf*cker at your memories
And all my n*ggas Bloods, but we make you n*ggas bleed
Yeah, Bloody Mary
I’m the one with the money, so I ain't the one with the gun
All I do is give the word to the one with the gun
I’m triple OG, Fuque's splitting the Sweet
f*ck b*tches, get money: mission complete
Man, f*ck these n*ggas, I ain't worried 'bout 'em
These n*ggas pure pus*y, pull a pearl out 'em
Yeah, I got a virgin, I call her Madonna
But I ain't trippin', her head is a monster
Yeah, we do this for real
Swear to God, I never shoot unless I’m shooting to kill
Young, wild motherf*cker, pop you and a pill
Boy, instead of writing raps, you should be writing your will
You a dead man
I get to poppin’ this b*tch, watch where your head land
I ain't right, I swear to God, I need my head scanned
Stand up and eat that pus*y while she on a headstand
I’m a dog, ho
Camo cargos, semi-auto
My b*tch sniff more lines than a barcode, yeah!
Wish I could take a shot of Ciroc with Pac
Sorry for the wait, 'til my album drop

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