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Lil Wayne

"Live from 504"

Dro, f*ck with me! Yeah

Live from the 504
It's Mr. Crazy Flow
Jumping like a bungee, no rope
Even in the dungeon I glow
Even if it ain't sunny I glow
If it ain't about money I go –
Nowhere, I'm nailed to the floor
Money controls where I go
It is the sail to my boat
And it's going down
It's going down like there's a whale in the boat
See, you can smell that I smoke
And yep, I sip that lean
You hit me with that combination, it make my eyes bleed
I'm a shark in the water, yep, I swim with the big
So I don't have time to deal with Willy the Squid
L-L-Lilly pad n*ggas, l-l-look at the monster
Y-Y-You don't want to crash, like La-La-La Bamba
See it's me, Roney, and Terry
And my new drop is berry
Watermelon, plum, just call it fruit punch
I'm an old rapper getting new bucks
And all you new rappers, you're just new lunch
Flow sick, so sick, need a doc, yes
A creature, monster, like the Loch Ness
I gets hotter by the tock, before I sizzle to death
I just tell the clock, "Gimme a sec"
In the middle of the war, where my enemy at?
I'm running this b*tch, like Eric Bieniemy back
'Cause every time I hit a track I'm like an energy pack
The instruments are crying out "Where the sympathy at?"
Yeah, if you betting money, baby, him'll be back
Whatever legends look like, b*tch, I'm finna be that
I walked right in hip hop, like "Where my dinner be at?"
I ate that, and I was like "Where my dinner be at?"
I hate that women lie, so I lie to them back
Got two b*tches in my pants, quiet, neither them that
A lot of b*tches want di*k, I give a lot of them that
Let's do a pill, I can f*ck you for an hour with that
And to the kids – Drugs kill, I'm acknowledging that
But when I'm on the drugs, I don't have a problem with that
And my n*ggas got guns the size of toddlers, biatch
And we aiming right at your f*cking collar, biatch

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