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Lil Wayne

"Seat Down Low"

Yea, it's me and T man
T.I.... dot com, b*tch
T.I.P., f*ck wit ya boy
Hey, that is my brother, ladies and gentlemen
T.I. and he is the king, b*tch, don't get that sh*t twisted
And me, I am the best rapper alive, ladies and gentlemen, hello
This is Da Drought 3
And it's been a minute since I rapped on a Mannie Fresh beat
But uh, I guess I'll go ahead and show these n*ggas
What to do with one of the beats, mane... listen

I like my seat down low and my window slightly cracked
Ridin' with a bad ho, with her girlfriend in the back
I like to get real high and I never look back
And you don't wanna try me, and don't I look strapped?
I come from the hardest city, ain't nobody f*ckin' with it
Got a black-and-gold soul, with a fresh New Orleans fitted
And a collared polo and a pair of Bally Bucks
Young Money, motherf*cker, know you worried 'bout us
Cash Money, motherf*cker, CMR I trust
Never had my jaw broken, but his jaw I bust
And I probably got your girlfriend on my bus
What happens on my bus, stays on my bus
And that white widow weed out the jar is a must
If you give me a cigar, then a cigar I'll bust
Put that white widow weed in the cigar and puff
Look ma, I'm tryna make a porno, starring us
Well not just us, a couple foreign sl*ts
Yeah, we make this some ménage à troisin', y'all in?
I be with Jim Jones and we be ballin', ballin'
Yeah, baby, we ballin', like Rawlins and Spalding
Pint of DJ Screw and that Hawaiian
I am leanin' like a 3 legged lion, climbing
Right to the top of the motherf*ckin' mountain.. counting
I'm gonna need me an accountant to count it
Mannie got this f*ckin' beat poundin', it's poundin'
But it was just lost, until I found it, I found it
Stole it like a scoundrel, Hollygrove hound it
Put this b*tch to sleep, f*ckin' right, I night-gowned it
n*ggas talkin cheap, tell them n*ggas, "Pipe down, b*tch!"
Bloods in the building, now everybody soundless
Beatin' up this track like a muthaf*ckin' round-fist
Blind, deaf, or crazy, I'mma spit like a long kiss
I am just a Martian, ain't nobody else on this planet
I know, see I live by my only
Say, where my cheese, n*gga? Where my macaroni?
Baby, I get up in dat ass, and act a donkey
Candy on candy, n*gga grippin' the grain
See, I'm the only fire that can live in the rain
I am so so New Orleans, like 1825 Tulane

Hahaha.... see, you gotta be from New Orleans
To know what the f*ck I'm talkin bout
And if you don't... f*ck you
I say what I want, and I don't want nothin'
Cause I got everything, b*tch

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