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Lil Wayne

"Million Dollar Baby"

[Intro - Lil Wayne]
Uh oh
Uh ohhhhhhhh
[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
Sick with it, six digits, big engines
Get lots of head like 6 midgets
It’s just the code I live by
Represent the road I grew up by
And I see the game like an umpire
Motherf*ck one time, and everything combine
I am the boss I have a n*gga tell ya bout the gun line
I’m in the hog sometimes, I’m in the Porsche red line
Drive that motherf*cker like I’m tryna beat the deadline
Holla at the boy b*tch, yes I’m the boy b*tch!
I’m fly and ya boy friends a ostrich
How much you cost b*tch?
See I will buy you then and then sell you back like an auction
I am affiliated with DJ Drama and this Just Blaze track has just met Jeffery Dahmer
I am a Bengal on the beat like Carson Palmer
And them n*ggas couldn’t see me with panorama haa
n*ggas soft as a can of flowers
And soft as a can of tuna
Your f*cking with a piranha
The ballin’ is no illusion
Paper tall as a tower
I’m paid ho
I could change ya life all in an hour
I promise I see the city skyline from my shower
I’m feeling like a gun with a bag of gun powder
Pow Pow I’m higher than Mister Charles
Fresh from the bottom of the ant pile
Uh huh
[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
My grill is gangsta, my aim is money
The championship is beautiful but the game is ugly
They say “Feed the hungry” but these b*tches is greedy
But I am awfully gifted I am simply strategic
It’s, come to my room I make her feel like it’s Egypt
And she leave out that room feeling like a paraplegic ha
My f*ck game is my capital feature
I stuff her ass up like a pair of new sneakers
Back to the subject at hand
Baby, I’m a wealthy ass young black man
Flow more rare than finding black sand
And I just want some brain like a f*cking cat scan
I just want some paper like a f*cking trash can
Life is a maze, so hows it hanging pac man
I seem to amaze, as well as advance
I’m so far ahead I gotta save the last dance

[Verse 3 - Lil Wayne]
Get it strait like pans as I enhance
M.O.B I’m all about my chips like Lance hehe
I be with animals, with animal tactics
I swear I’m backed up like New York traffic ha
You dumb f*cks, you're nothin’ but lunch ducks
Big nuts here swinging like nunchucks
Hollygrove I’m claiming it like insurance
I been on the grind n*gga you are just a tourist
Flowers for the dead, say hello to the florist
f*ck with me wrong, bet I rush ya like Borris
Now they tryna kick it but I ain’t Chuck Norris
I kick it with lil flu and he rollin’ up a forest
Can’t be compared no, I’m not a thesaurus
Can’t be banned I’m sorry Miss. Delores
f*ck Wendy Williams the b*tch look like a dude
Her body look chewed and her hair looks glued
But let me get back to my food
Eat the track up and leave the mic barbecued
Why in 30 lives would you ever war with I
I’m just getting high, thinking bout Tha Carter V
My homie’s straight, my mama good, and my daughter's fine
And everyday I pray and thank the great Lord of mine
Weezy Baby you're looking at greatness
Gangsta Grillz no braces b*tch

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