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Lil Wayne

"Some Say"

[Lil Wayne]

Some say the ex make the sex spec-tacular
Make me lick ya from ya neck and your back and ya
Shiverin tongue deliverin chills up that spine, that ass is mine
Uh oh, I think its pastor time
I hope he can last and past the test of time
Got the girls singin like Glo' Estefan
Shawty pop ya in the mouth like a pacifier
Shawty pop an ecstasy and exercise
She pop 1 and I pop a number next to 5 like
6, 4 out the Western's eye
He want to see you get low, I'm like lets get high
Like Whooo
Shawty come to my planent, I've got a spaceship for two
Cause I believe it's f*ck the world but tonight I only want to f*ck you
And you know that to me it feels like heaven when I made love to you

Some say the ex make the sex spec
I always protect dont want her to expect
Not a zero up out of my next check
Shawty you gonna end up being my Fed-Ex
That's my ex girlfriend im fed up with
That pill make her talk too much, shut up b*tch
And my doors don't open, they let up b*tch
I've been shining like Thomas Edison
Styrofoam cup filled up with medicine
I am higher than the highest bird's feathers in
I wish I could bird sh*t on every b*tch
Like Biggie, so after I sh*tted on a b*tch, Haha
Oh you know I sh*tted on a b*tch, haha
Yeah, Who Me?, I'm so fly
And I came from Down

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