1997 lyrics

Lil Wayne

[Intro : Lil Wayne]
I'm a rapper

That’s what I do miss Katie

And I am a gangsta

And I do what I want

I'm a gangsta miss Katie

[Verse 1]

Blacked out cad
Lil rinkydink
Peel out real fast
72 Lincoln seat
Peanut butter insides
Out match the pinky ring
Went a got new bag
On these lil singing things
b*t*h I can do anything
I can write a verse
And turn around and do them melodies
What hell you telling me
I been dope
Chain around my neck 97
And a Burberry scarf
Just for the hell of it
I been dope
Let's address the elephant
In the room
It’s evident you finna loose
Cuz I am just the best of them
Best to nеver test him
You'll be hanging with thе rest of them
Next to fill the void of X
And still my best has yet to come

[Verse 2]
Never ever thinking like a regular
Reck a check and f**k it up
They blowing up my cellular
Sit and eat so much
I can't lay down
Because my belly hurt
Throw back
Band aid on the face
Like Nelly
Fitted new era
Grape 5s
On jelly
Fast times with a redbone named Kelly
While my yellow bone Tracy blowing up my Telly
Rockstar sh*t
With a mix of Macaveli
With mix Eminem
Mix of Lil Weezy
Man I swear to god
I make this sh*t look easy
Man I swear god
I got a flow so greesy
A fat b*t*h will pull up to drive thru tryna eat me
Fresher than some white Air Force out the box
I gotta song for every feeling that you got
How you vibing
Y'all be losing
Y'all be trying
I'm the truth
And y'all be lying
Y'all the roof
I touch the sky cuz
I’m so mother f**king high
Name another mother f**ker like me
Yeah, you can’t
And I'm on
Yeah the race is on
And when you start
I just finished
Get my dub and I’m gone
Can I believe
Or am I free to go roam?
I might just never go home

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