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Lil Wayne

"Soul of hustler"

Aye Yeahhh, were Yo young Girls Screachin for Tha Soul of Hardest Rapper iz Mr. D ain't no Problem, were I got Live to The Fullest without Rely on no Whish Cops and Sum of Ya are Brunch Snitches in Tha Hood, Were Yo Brothaz Made Crazy Decisions to Their Jobs, also Their ex Girlfriends plus Kids and I gotta my Hustle on like 50 Cent say he ain't no time with troublemakers

Chorus: If Ya done Know all Brothaz in The Game and Ya Better Listen up to only the one as me, were I got my eyes lock on the Future til’ it turns to money like Cha Chong were Yo Black Ish Sellers Screwed up The Game Dis Ya Hustler iz Lil’ Deshawn gotta go go go Hard, Hard, Hard Like Mr. Weezy Spittin Those Flames like Melted Acid From Yo Papa command center

Verse1: Were I gotta get my work on Like Will Smith since last day ago, were Yo Whish Teachers up here Lecture Us bout way of Life Ya will Success in Tha World and til Ya Friends ain't Take over School just like They Rampage the Nightclubs, Were I got Tha Heck out There were I spent my time in the Studio Dat’s Life of a Rapper / Soldier without Hustling In The Streets

Verse2: Were Yo Brothaz ain't Rampage The Cops were Ya Click stand with Bossy Trick like She ain't Dime in Tha Hood, were Ya Screwed with Feds ain't taken no Criminals’ jus taken Prisoners and were I gotta Think about Dis Everytime Struggle Dat our Young people are Making in Their Lives and Yo Sisters Better go Back to School, Were Ya Got Yo Minds so toxic with all Beverages from Yo Last Game Must be Football

Verse3: Were Ya done know even What life of Hustler means, were Yo so call Buddies are the ones Told’ Ya Screwed up Ya Education and with no Knowledge, were I gotta Say Dis Truth a Wasted Good Minds but Ya Can Better make of Yourself jus stay in School stay out of Streets are not for Ya, Were Yo Fellas Lurking with Ya team with me Ima not the one Done me make lay some to Them with my Lectures

Verse4: Were I Gotta Hard Dis under Piece without You Give Sum High Knowledge from Two Teachers in University of Georgia , were I know my Friend Christian Johnson forgive me for Dis one where I gotta go so Insane in Recording Booth without no Mic like Gucci Mane & Usher and, were Ima wolverine in Dis Game if Ya mess with me I’ll Ripped Ya into Six million pieces without Flowing jus Slashing Ya

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