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Lil Wayne

"My Homies Still (Remix)"

[Intro: Jae Millz]
Y'all make my snub go stupid
Go stupid

[Verse 1: Jae Millz]
That AK like Aretha, it's gon' sing and you gon' respect me
You n*ggas just good at playin gangster roles, Joe Pesci
That's yo' girl, but it's my world, cause she ridin me like a cruise ship
My flight land, I check in my suite, she bust it open like a new gift
We ain't from the water fightin but you will get Super soaked
My goons will catch you in that Ghost, and turn yo' ass into a ghost
My flow, super stupid, Forrest Gump, that's retarded dumb
It's from my lungs and my clique bang, keep the change, rich gang

[Hook: Gudda Gudda]
Yeah my homies still
My homies still
Yeah my homies still
Go stupid
Go stupid, go stupid, yeah
Don’t make me go stupid
Go stupid, go stupid, Gudda! Gudda!

[Verse 2: Gudda Gudda]
Okay my bass pump and my face pump, one bump leave ya face numb
Let my white girl hit, watch that b*tch go straight dumb
All my yola A1, been that way since day one
Plus I speak that cocaine, watch me bake this cake up
Wake up; y'all sleepin on me, bass song in my speakers, homie
And I ain't talkin 808's, chasin' Franklins like I'm Aretha, homie
Tony Hawk, got grind, holla at my slime
And we don't drop no dimes and you still f*ck one time cause we

[Hook: Gudda Gudda & Young Jeezy]
Yeah my homies still
Yeah, that's right, my homies still
Yeah my homies still, Gudda!
Let's get it
Go stupid
Go stupid, let's get it, let's get it, go stupid, yeah
Go stupid, (I'm 'bout to get stupid on this motherf*cker)
Let's get it (Tunechi, I got you, n*gga!)

[Verse 3: Young Jeezy]
Yeah you know It Takes Two, yeah n*gga Rob Base
What you watch, when you're cookin' your blow, Scarface (damn!)
Got-got a big gold chain around my neck, neck brace
You should go there n*gga on them old cold case
Yeah all I serve is raw, straight sushi, yeah, Nobu
Hell nah, n*gga, can't serve you, I don't know you
n*gga talkin beef sh*t, more like tofu
DJ Magic Mike, got that base, I done told you

[Outro: Young Jeezy & Lil Jon]
Pump that bass
It go
Gangsta Grillz-illz!
Pump that bass
You know [?] gotta watch out for me, n*gga
Track record's impeccable

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