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Lil Wayne

"n*ggaz In Trouble"

Verse 1: Lil' Wayne

Its Lil' Wayne (Lil' Wayne) on tha wall brain spilla
Grave filla
Who me untamed gorilla
I be thugged out
Dead bodies drugged out
Throw the slugs out
Love don't live here anymore
I atillery dawg
Came wit many foes
Spend ya benz is twenty slow
Get to tha house kick in tha door
You done p*ssed off my crew
What yall gone do
Look n*gga you better put a zip on yo trap
Or you will get trapped
When I creep through tha black in tha black on black
n*ggas be stumblin'
And crumblin'
When we come
They get curled up
Tear they world up
When we come
Now Slim and B with me
Juve and B.G. with me
Turk and Manny with me
The CMB with me
They lettin' loose
n*gga be bout cha issue get lost in gun smoke
Now I'm hangin' out the window screamin' there I go
Me and my n*ggas in the 98 black Volvo
And the diamonds bezeled ready I yes this me
Ride with us come see
Live with us HB
What what (echo)

(Chorus) 3x
(B.G.) n*ggas in trouble cuz the Hot boy$ behind the trigger
(Juvenile) You don't want a soldier you know we some guerillas
(B.G.) n*ggas in trouble cuz the Hotboy$ is comin' through
(Juvenile) Betta move or prepare to do what cha gotta do

Verse 2: Juvenile

I can't believe this these boys is playin' with me
I'm bout ta freeze this I keep that K with me
A n*gga done played it raw thinkin' Ima hit that doe
Gave the boy my lil change and I ain't seen his face no moe
What do you call that there playin' a n*gga ha dawg
The n*gga thank its gravy but I'm bout ta break his block off
When you see them boys you know I'm bustin' out ta druggin' out
Don't be askin' who that is boy you better get the f*ck
Muthaf*cka could be located n*gga could be touched
I'll stab ya ass up
And its up by the cut
I keep my rees(reeboks) strapped on tight
My mac ring all night
People call the police cuz the say they can't sleep right
Them lil muthaf*ckas be makin' that noise
Them lil muthaf*ckas be slangin' it boy
Them lil muthaf*ckas be in them hallways
Them lil muthaf*ckas be bustin' all day
My first word was God bless me and my crew
My last word was b*tch let a n*gga through
I observe, the sh*t that muthaf*ckas do
You got nerve, what if this sh*t happen to you
Like the proverb, and it ain't nothin' but that boom
Now you got tha urge, to go and kill a n*gga too
But remember this
You started this
So finish this
When you grab yo sh*t
You betta make sure that he hit

(Chorus) 3x
Verse 3: B.G

Everybody grab yo sh*t and slide it back
Uptown is goin' down tonite cha bout that
If not go yo b*tch ass inside lock the door
To be safe bullets come through if so get on the floor
Me and my n*ggas got our black on ready ta ride
We head huntin' so somebody's gonna die
Homicide on tha scene three n*ggas pronounced smoked
The HotBoy$ did that that clique there ain't no joke
We don't carry choppers for decoration n*gga
We carryin' ta send n*ggas on vactions n*gga
Takin' me ta play wit that ain't a good solution
I'm dust out cuz I done have a grab mike he tootin'
Shootin' at n*ggas head tryin' ta knock it off
Its a dirty game so I gotta play it raw
In this warfield n*gga you gotta be a killa
Cuz on tha reala
Nothin' out here but some gorillas
My mind made up ta ride
I'ma ride
What I'm after n*gga ta bust his ass he gone die
Don't cry nor poppa plead now its too late
Actin' like a b*tch how is you gone get duct tape
Tear'em up Juve don't kill'em now we gone wait
Throw acid on his feet skeet gas all in his face
Show'em how it feel ta disrespect a HB
Show'em how we torture in tha UTP
We got no love if ya outside tha clique n*gga
You get f*cked over like a b*tch n*gga
We gone play it real n*gga do it like tha mob
Cut his tongue out and stamp it mail it to his mom


(B.G.) n*ggas in trouble
(Juvenile) n*ggas in trouble (To End)

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