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Lil Wayne

"Rep My Hood"

[Juelz Santana:]
As I sit back relax shawty head in my lap
In the back of the Bentley gettin head in the back (you know)
And she ain't gotta head full of nap so I'm pushin on her head from the back
Gimme that (gimme that)
Up and down, down and up gimme that laffy taffy came on she gave me head to
The snaps like (doom doom da doom doom)
She made me like the song and she wrong
She bout action, bout work, she suck di*k like a vacuum suck dirt
I call her the quicker picker upper cause she quick to pick a nut up
Quicker than a n*gga tell her pick the nut up ya dig b*tch
Now let me tell you about this six shot ruger that I keep for u busters if you twitch I'll
Shoot ya, I'll buck ya, I'll bang ya
I'll remove ya like a dead car battery trust me I'll boost ya no car cables
I'll hang ya like a hanger in the closet, no coat on the hanger
Just hang ya in the closet
Boy, I can just leave you where you stand or I could shoot you in the air
And then meet you where you land

[Lil Wayne:]
I can't feel my face
Yeah I can't feel my face (yea)
I came to rep my hood
I gotta ride clean
I gotta smoke good
I'm pullin on big fat cigars like Suge
I ain't gotta explain, what's already understood
Baby I'm a G, I'm just tryna get full
That hot ass 380, keep me warm like wool
n*gga's talkin sh*t, I wish a n*gga would, boy
Smellin like sh*t from a bull, boy
I got alot but I can never get enough
And man them 26 inches got the low low sittin up (yup)
Mama I can fix ya so you need to hook it up (yup)
Rocky Marciano how I beat the pus*y up (yup)
You not a soprano play pus*y get f*cked
Hit a n*gga from a hundred yards like (puck)
You really ain't prepared dog
Chopper split ya ass in half now they can share yall
That’s the game stop lookin for a fair call
pus*y cat n*gga's watch them cough up a hair ball
Lookin at n*gga's like why you gotta stare dog
Choppers cut heads off, it doesn't cut hair off
These n*gga's air soft, yea soft shell taco, mild sauce
Move the Ferrari like a wild horse
Or I'll get chauffeured like a mob boss
Yeah feel my swagger knacker
I'm sharper than a knife sword blade and dagger
Don't play with me bast*rd (buck em buck em buck em)
Don't play with me Casper
Duct tape don't break the wrapper
I sell it to em whole they gon’ pay me faster (yea)
b*tch make me rich, if not make me c*m then make me grits
b*tch blow these dice, make me rich
Now watch me bet my whole hand on a 8 or a 6
A 10 or a 4, a 5 or 9
Hey hey little rappers it's survival time

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