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Lil Wayne

"Long Time Coming"

[Lil Wayne:]
Back door back room young n*gga still switchin'
Young n*gga still pitchin' naked b*tches in da kitchen
Wishin' dat I would kiss em but I just missed em
Get my money den I dismiss em
Lil' Marley said still trippin'
He gata bigger pistol now
He say he ain't missin
U can't miss him
He's da skinny dude with da dreads
High yellow red
Who always my blood
So we forever bled
U ain't gata go upstairs
U kno watz up der
b*tchez and cook ware
Hell yea f**k yea
U kno u smell dat cocaine tuff air
It'z been a long time comin
But I come up fair
I ain't complainin I'm hydroplainin
Like compo smash da plaintiff
Now I'm ova da sink
Tryin 2 think and find da kinkz
To strengthen the tieng linkz
There is no brakes
No alarms
Guns weed triggers and b*tches
The thicker da b*tches
Da bigger da brick is
n*ggas on some real sh*t but(change gon come)
And wen it do u betta get with it
The carter 2 triple exquisite
So bring ya friends
On your next visit
Let's get it
The livin room
Still gata bunch of youngins in it
Jus waitin on a blunt to hit it
And trill comin with it
And blake probably in the basement on his catastenics

And tez probably in the office
Bein a math matician
Dats catacorner 2 my bedroom
Lady in it
Who only want weezy baby in it
Yea maybe when I finish gettin dis butta I'll touch ya
But I can't love ya I ain't usher I'm all southern
All brotha
U cud call the authorities
Gat u wonderin how money
Got the law ignorin me
Like I ain't bringin in 4 a week
And I need more streets
The house need sheet rock
U cud hear it all da way down the block
Cause wen u sleep not
We at work pops
No stop watch
Ain't no clockz up
Wen we leave all u gata do
Is put da potz up
We eatin cheese and bread we stocked up
So u cud put your eggs and tots up
Itz not us
Wen I wake up I pop up
Anotha day anotha dolla
b*tch holla
Dis time I've excersized my power
So now I'm singin in da shower
A lil deodarant
Lil howard jhonson
Forty bagz of powder
Get da keyz off the counter
I walk out da door
And smell a flour
Now I'm about to go
Get into dis album

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