No Promises
No telling what you're gonna get tonight, no, no promises
No, only honestness unless of course if I'm lying like a hippopautomus
Testing the depths and breadth of what I'm finding is big and bottomless
So I play on with this and pay homage to hip hops awesomeness
So I'm a sh*t talking and big walking optimist
In constant conflict with the thoughts
Of a small talking unconscious kid
With the longest legs, that while my ego was off
Have gone and tread along the ledges of cliffs
Where the precipice is the ditch of the road
That we drove up, and ended up next to the edge of a pit
And there rose a thin thread bear witch that takes
My family by their heads and then picks them outta of our van
I see from below the backseat where I hid, now out of her hands
Down into her mouth they vanish, she devours them and glances
About to find out, if any other woman is around or man, if
She sees me I'm bound to panic
I watch her slim body bending with ease
She extends and then reaches into the vans windows
Peaking below to find me with her creepy gold eyes she
Sees me I know she's gonna eat me
So I'm hopeless and weepy
More scared then you could imagine
But the only thing that I could think at the time
Was how I did not do a thing for my kin
And I think that they didn't have to die
And as she tosses me into her throat
I wake up sweating and cold
Lo, lo