Keep It Movin
[Verse 1 - Madchild]
I'm quite frightening, I'm white lightning
I'm Mike Tyson, I'm ice-picked up, I might ice him
I'm Iceman, kill for fun and start writin'
Jump off stage, spit flames with no hype man
One of the best yet, every line's a death threat
Still can't figure out what's wrong with my head yet
I'm morbid and tormented, this door's entrance was entered
This dark self centered warp vengeance
This engine, it burns on 6 cylinders
Armed like John Dillinger
Just in case I get swarmed by strong villagers
I stay calm, villainous, I'm the strong militant type
Get wrong feelings at night
King Kong's ready to fight, but still choose seclusion
General of a movement, generally confusion
Mentally I'm improving, enemies I remove them
Plenty of them, but I get venomous so they lose it

[Verse 2 - Thirstin Howl the III]
Losin' nudist
Student in amusement
Stupid, there's mucus in the music
Grumpy old man with my honey hold hands
Runny nose bad, my rugby don't match
Awake when I dream, eyes wide open
Low life love, I'm like Moses
Hot fire, lava, spit tobacco sauce
Rob y'all stores with my mask off
Brooklyn DK, Bronx beat break
The sands of Iran and the M.I.A
A hookah in Bermuda, sitting in my cave
Shoot 'em with a Ruger, witnessin' my aim
My mic's reloaded, got a verse in the chamber
Give a flying f**k where you came from bum
Thirsty thirsty from the ville
RIP every motherf**kin' track I kill
[Verse 3 - Loki]
Hands in the air, everybody hit the floor
I'm a DMS gangsta, a soldier at war
Bipolar nightmares, I'm strong in pain
Donnie Darko, my friends keep bombin' trains
Wether I'm arcane or caught insane
You can't keep me down, King Kong in chains
Modern oddity, with tattoos a lot on my arms
Need a lobotomy, for causing grievous bodily harms
Demonstrating my style, drugs money and sex
F**king playboy bunnies, Bugs Bunny on X
Fighting demons in my head
I'm a demon in the bed
Owe me money, I'll beat you till you're screaming bleeding red
We fight back to back like we 300 spartans
Gladiator shields with swords and Doc Martens
Spit so cold I got a frozen tongue
The O.G. I am Loki, the chosen one

[Verse 4 - Vinnie Paz]
I don't appreciate all the side talk
Real rap, stake that died off
Pop you like july 4th
Heroin rap but don't nod off
Put his f**kin' brain mane all over the sidewalk
Sh*t was about to pop off, but I told 'em nah
But he was into bedlam and sendin' 'em to cha
He though he a veteran and settlin with with y'all
He though its adrenaline, medicine for the cure
(There's no cure)
And nobody contended with my pop
And he was just offended when they handed him the knot
Over-a***ytical is belly in a knot
But he was Machiavellian and very into Pi
You need to overstand son still valid
Did 2 bullets and he came home wilin'
Now he throwed off and his brain off balance
John look good but its too much mileage