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Dylan Brady


Yuh (Dylan Brady)
Throw them hands in the pit
If you really ‘bout that sh*t
Throw them hands in the pit
If you really ‘bout that sh*t
Throw them hands in the pit
Yah, yah

[Verse 1]
Pop out (Lil b*tch)
Pull up
Gas tank (What?)
I’m full up
Loud pack
Yeah, I smoke that
Pop out
Goddamn, my wrist go

New coke, Slurpee
Too high (Yeah)
I don’t give a f*ck about sh*t
Knock a simp lights out
Then I roll up, smoke weed

Y’all talk
Too much
Its like:
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Shut up
(Boy if you don’t shut yo’ b*tch ass up)

Pull up, pop out
Better throw hands
Better wile out
Wrist go five pound
Goodnight, lights out

Punch out my lights
I been so lost without your love
Only thing that helps me now
Can someone please f*ck me up?
Yeah, throw them motherf*cking hands, boy

[Verse 2]
Pop, lil b*tch
Open up the pit
Throw them hands and hit
Give a f*ck, get a stitch
Imma punch ‘em in the lip (Pop, pop)
I got blood on my timbs
I got blood on my —
Oh sh*t, yo I think that guys actually f*cking hurt bro
What the f*ck?
(Damn, he got knocked the f*ck out)

f*ck a Lyft
They gon’ take me home in a ambulance (f*ck)
Poppin’ xans with EMTS
Call that sh*t Mercedes Benz (Yuh)
I’m about to hit the p*ss, yuh, yuh
I’m about to smack a simp (Bop, bop)

Uh, is you tough boy?
I really doubt it (Yeah)
Throw them hands if you really ‘bout it (Yeah)
Throw a elbow or two
If you really ‘bout that sh*t, yuh
Throw yo’ f*ckin’ shoes, b*tch

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