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Dylan Brady


[Verse 1: Yungster Jack]
Hop off the bus
Me and you, that's us
Yeah I'm turnin' up, I'm havin' fun
And I'm off a lot of dust
Nitemare pack, I'm smokin' guts
AR15, it gon' bust
Yeah, I look at her like this could be us
But baby this isn't us
[?] on prescriptions
When I'm talking, girl, you should listen
Wish you could see the vision
On the highway, runnin' up a mission
Kitchen nightmares, yeah I'm in the kitchen, huh
If you broke it, you should fix it, huh
Foreign clothes, you can feel the linen, huh
Kiss my bros, I'm f**kin' on some women, huh

[Verse 2: David Shawty]
Kiss my boy, I'm f**kin' on a thot
You think that I think about you, but you don't even get a thought
You should talk about how you shouldn't even talk
And that XD clean you up just like a mop
She said xD in my DM's, ha, ha, ha
You look sexy in my DM's, ha, ha, ha
And she suck me [?]
I'm with three times, you with three bombs
I'ma tell you that sh*t like a rebound
I feel like Moncler, I got my attributes up
When I see you doin' sh*t I'm like what the actual f**k
I'm like an agent, I wear tactical stuff
I'm dead, I need my batteries up
She said she want me back, and it sucks
In my bed, manifesting the bag
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