Dylan Brady


When you go to sleep you just [?] dubbs off in your dreams
'cause there is no Ls that I when you go

[Verse 1]
Why you only call me when you need
I been roaming through the streets
I been [?] bunch of creeps
Know they got it all from me
I been alley-ooping three
See you tryna take the lead
But I know you can't compete
Yeah I see you tryna cheat
Boy cannot play for keeps
I'm cool with the referee
My [?] ready to eat
She look at me she don't know what I mean
I look at her and she know what I think
She know I know that its ready to [?]
I'm feeling like Michael, I feel like Karim
You square up on me, I'm defeating your team
I run out the league we [?] the whole league
I cannot be pleased until I defeat
The buzzer go off, I stay with the team, we laugh and we cheese
That yall on your knees
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