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Unknown Artist


Sunny day, lighting jays
The weed is hitting me
Funny things, sky is grey
I am your enemy
You are all sick
This song is the remedy
All day my head
Is filled with these melodies
This is the medicine, genuine
Real f*cking gentleman
Bones filled with melanin
Real first name Benjamin Counter
You moving downwards
You are a coward
This is your last hour

Head in the ceiling
Feet underground
This is the only original sound
You b*tches talking, you better watch out
I am lyrically gunning you down
There is no question who’s wearing the crown
I am the weird kid, I’m from out of town
But I’m taking over, better take a bow
I am unreadable, I am like runes
All people listening f*ck with my tunes
I am so high, take a walk on the moon
If you are failing, change your attitude, dude
Got a lot of flaws
Way too much blah blah
But don’t give a f*ck
Ha ha ha
c*mming in her mouth
Talking bullsh*t for fun
You know what I’m about

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